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If they are doing older Xavier and Magneto, it stands to reason they could put an older Emma in the film, too. Didn't Singer have plans to have Emma in his X-Men 3? He intended for Sigourney Weaver to play her, and I for one think she could do Emma justice.

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I thought Nemesis was fantastic. It was completely crazy, but really well done. I am a little curious to see how much of it they put into the movie version, though.

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I love Dustin Nguyen's work in the American Vampire LON, and his watercolours are just stunning. A great cover.

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I do not understand how some people (well, more like one or two people) have been saying how a mutant can also be gay. Like someone can't be prosecuted for being two (or more) types of minorities? If this is true, all mutants should probably should just be young white men. Because we all know women or people of different ethnicities can be discriminated against.

Comic books should represent the world as a whole, and obviously the inclusion of LGBT characters is a must. How can someone not know any gay people? More and more people are reading comic books nowadays from all walks of life, and comics need to reflect that.

I'm gay. I don't expect them to release a book of a LGBT-exclusive team. It's not realistic. But nowadays with many teams at least in the double digits, how can there not be a gay team member? It doesn't make any sense how some people can still be up in arms about this.

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There is no way that Nolan would ever produce a cleavagey Catwoman. I think thats something everyone should just comes to terms with. Nolan is making as a realistic a version of Batman he can, and he wouldn't have Catwoman running around with her costume zipped half way down, even if it was to "distract her enemies". We've only seen a few stills, and who knows what her final final final design will look like.

And yes, she is a professional thief, but a giant ass black motorbike isn't really known for its stealth abilities, so shockingly enough, this might not be a scene where she is robbing someone.