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I'm not sure that Sony's Spider-Man reboot is a "cheap-act" least monetarily.  Isn't the real reason for the reboot the success of The Dark Knight? That's not the film that Sam Ramni was making (the dark, edgy, psychological film), and that HAS to be the film executives want. 
And, don't's not like Marvel HAS to take away the film rights. Spider-Man 3, for all of it's negative reviews, is the second highest grossing super hero movie of all time....after the Dark Knight. Perhaps it's just a stylistic switch that takes Spider-Man 4 to the top.
Or maybe it destroys Spider-Man's commercial viability. 
Either way, it will be interesting to see how it all goes down.

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Maybe Disney will treat Marvel like they did with studio Miramax: they keep the Marvel brand and not bring those comic book movies under the Disney brand, allowing those comics and movies to be as dark and mature as they need to be.