MattBodega: The Introduction they DIDN'T WANT YOU TO SEE

What's up, caped crusaders? I'm MattBodega, the newest intern at Whiskey Media, full time video game player, and professional idiot. I'm spending my summer helping out at all of the Whiskey sites, so when I'm not dressing up as a cat girl for the amusement of the public, or playing terrible video games, I'll be helping G-Man, Babs, and the rest of the Comic Vine Crew in any way I can. 

My first task as an intern with Comic Vine: Alphabetize the Comic Books. I'm not kidding.  

 From Top to Bottom  Cable through Exomachina,  Fables through The Human Torch, The Savage Dragon through S.W.O.R.D 
Here's my short bio: I'm a huge fan of video games. In fact, I actually got my Intern position at Whiskey through my work on Comic Vine sister site My familiarity and enjoyment of comic books comes from the video game-comic book crossovers. I'm a huge fan of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Batman: Arkham Asylum, the original Batman on the NES, Hulk:Ultimate Destruction....and I think I just listed every good comic book game ever made. 
Oh, and I like super-hero movies, but does that even need to be mentioned at this point? People should only speak up if they don't like The Dark Knight or Iron Man or Spider -Man 2. Otherwise, the appreciation of those films is inferred.
(I thought the Kick-Ass movie was garbage.) 
If you have any questions, comments, or humiliating requests, please feel free to send me a PM! I'll be around!
Until next time!