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I would actually love to see Emma Stone play Felicia Hardy.  I think she would make wicked competition for Spider-Man. 

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 Considering we have some comics where most of the population of  a city or country are completely wiped-out, I don't really think divorce/ cheating is a big deal.  Especially in a comic like New X-Men (the one with the cheating and mass deaths, not the one with kids lol), which was definitely NOT aimed for younger audiences.   
I think that some attempts should be made to make sure that some comics are aimed for a younger audience, but at the same time, have some with more adult themes.  Like there is no way X-Force could be done in a way for a younger audience, but something like Avengers Academy?  Make it for kids.
I think its awesome that comics are putting topics like cheatings, homosexuality, relationships, etc into comics.  They are doing it in such a way that it isn't jamming it down our throat, and it makes the comics seem a little more 'real'.      

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I have been waiting FOREVER for Psylocke to be on X-Force.  I think she will be a FANTASTIC addition.
And the team looks pretty decent.  I would like to see another female, but I'm sure Domino will be on the roster soon (I hope!)

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The whole Rachel thing doesn't make a lot of sense either.  Why would they introduce a new Rachel when the one we have right now has issues.
I don't think that she is Jean's daughter.  Considering Jean is in the White Hot Room.  I think Hope is her own person, she might have a connection to Jean, and clearly to the Phoenix, but I think she is her own person.

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She is considered to be the most powerful of the Fantastic Four, as her force-fields are crazy strong and durable, plus she has and can do some crazy stuff with them.  In terms of what she has done in battle,  she has sent down an invisible, solid battering ram onto Taskmaster when he hurt Reed, and it took him completely out of battle (even though he is human, he is a crazy bastard and has been through a shit load).  She can do a lot more than that, too.

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I'm gonna say either Wanda, Valkyrie or Emma Frost.  I would like to see Emma in more than just X-books.

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I know that right before they lost there connection with Kitty, Emma and Kitty came to an understanding and reconciliation, and Emma told Kitty that she wished something like this wouldn't have happened to her.  How much of there rivalry is solved by this, we will have to wait and see.

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Why in the previews does Mercury have normal skin?  Has she finally controlled the colour side of her powers, or is it one of those famous holographic disguises?

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  I know in one teaser image, the girl with black hair was having visions of the dead from Ultimatum (click here for the image).  She is seen looking directly at Scott in the picture.  Plus in the image above, she has red/orange energy coming from her head and hands.  Could she just be an emo Jean Grey who died her hair and tried starting a new life (she has a name tag saying Karen on her name tag)?  Farfetched, I know.  But who the hell knows at this point?

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Is the guy with claws Ultimate Mimic?

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