Outside the box...

I'm kinda over the same array of fighters they truck out for each of these games.
I'd really dig trying out some more offbeat characters (even if they didn't represent the Marvel canon in its fullest).

1. Beast
2. Armour
3. Shatterstar (in Wolverine's place, maybe?)
4. Daredevil (substitute for Spiderman)
5. The Thing as the archetypal Hulk analogue (give the guy a run!)
6. Captain Britain
7. Speedball
8. Sandman
9. Havok- out of his brother's shadow
10. Power Pack (played as a tag team)
11. Nightcrawler

Now, I know this wouldn't appease the Spider-man/Wolverine/Cyclops set, but it'd be hella fun.


Posted by Booster Gold Prime

I did the same thing with my list. Everybody always starts with Wolverine, etc, etc...