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Id have to go with the Doctor with his Tardis.With all the planets,places in time and aliens he met would be awesome and we can also go back in time and re-live it.Or get A LOT of people in Tardis since that thing is bigger on the inside than the outside and there is even a pool in the librarie.
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I got Runaways :Live Fast,Runaways :Homeschooling,Transmetropolitan vol 1,Cable & Deadpool :If looks could kill,Deadpool vs the Marvel Universe and Hellboy :Seeds of Destruction.


Also I got cash so im gonna go get some essentials and Sandman vol 1.

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Im #44.
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@Emerald Dragonfly:
Why Ennis ?
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Well im already following you so please follow me and I will be forever greatful.
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This looks interesting but I swear that I remember a interview with Quesada saying that they are laying off the big cross-overs for a while.But seriously if Marvel wants to sell books they should just let the writers write good compelling stories without having to stop every 10 issue to tell some semi pointless tie-in.
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I will start doing a series of topics in the future of me pitching idea's I have for story-lines for some characters or teams and I would like to have feedback from the community on my ideas.So first off my favorite team the Runaways. 
It starts the morning after Chase got hit by a car,a teenager enters a convinience store and buys a couple of items.After reading the paper he sse that Chase got it by a car he runs off telling the clerck to keep the change.In the Runaways hideout they also find out about Chase's condition they decide to go get him immedeately but the teenager gets into their hideout and yells at them to let him help them.The team turns around and see a guy with a backpach,sportsbag,a book and a zombie head in his hands.They demand about his identity and says that he is here to get their help to stop his parents before they resurect the Runaways parents and the Gibborim and that they started with their friend Gert. 
This would start them on a journey into stopping the resurection of their parents wich will lead them into joining a death race competion,visiting a creepy town of cultist's,a crossover with Avenger's Academy and traveling around the world to stop the rents friends and will see the creation of a new Pride. 
So I want to know what you guys think and please feel free to add your own idea's.
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The only thing I really hated from this news episode was Babs saying "Is it the end of the Heroic Age ?". 
This is my problem with Marvel.They are always trying to change the status quo and mix things up instead of doing something reasonable.Like you know telling good stories without the need to have a banter of their latest "mind blowing event".DC doesn't do this as much,oh sure you could say that Booster Gold and Power Girl's series have a slightly different feel to them since they are connected to one of the Brightest Story's but it doesn't say it upfront and they don't spalsh it across the title and you don't need to buy the other book to know whats happening in those individual titles.To me this proves that Marvel is scared that the only way to make a profit is to overload the market with their books and pointless crossovers. 
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Oh great it's the third movie syndrom.
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I personnaly would like to see Deadpool teaming-up with Agent X.From what I have read of Cable and Deadpool it seems that Cable is way to mature for Deadpool and finds him annoying sometimes.With Agent X you could get some funny bits of Deadpool complaing to X that he is the better looking clone of him and so on and so forth.And if Marvel really wants Cable to come back they better wait at least a couple of years and make it a big deal.Also bring back Nightcrawler you basterds.