Montreal Comic-Con 2012

I believe I speak for many comic book fans when I say that comic conventions can be some of the most fun someone like us may have. From taking pictures of other enthusiastic fan cosplaying are they're favorite character, getting signatures from your favorite comic writers and artists, asking them questions and the shopping.

And me and my best friend Michael were able to enjoy all of this last week at the 2012 Montreal Comic-Con and it's first year at the Palais des Congres in Montreal, changing it's venue from last year's place Bonaventure because of last year'S huge turn out and this years list of great guests.

So we were there the whole six hours, walking talking, watching stuff and enjoying the scenery of it all.

The days events went something like.

First thing there we went to me comic shop's booth in order to say hi ,where I bot the owner's comic book that he wrote, before heading out so I could get David Finchs signature.

But first we took some pictures of the cars they had the show.

So we got to Finchs table and we talking to this one guy who I can only guess was an artist as he was drawing a Batman/Two-Face sketch. He signed me comics and took a picture with me. I asked which writer had the most detailed and least detailed scripts in his career and he said for most detailed it was Greg Hurwitz and least detailed was his days at Image, receiving 2-3 paragraphs for about 4 pages. And he was selling prints of the JLA teaser poster he drew and saying he's excited for what Geoff Johns has in store.

Afterwards we walked a bit and before setting off to meet Adrian Alphona I decided to go over some of vendors and there back issues because I had gotten in my head that I was going to find Hellblazer #45 (the issue where John screws over the 3 Fallen demons) and The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 (John Constantine'S first appearance). Now I did find SoST 37 but it cost 60$ so I didn't buy it but I found other really cool goodies.

So we headed over to Adrian's table since he was back I got him to sign but Runaways hardcover and I got to gush as to how much I love those 18 and I loved what he and BKV did there.

Then we around a bit more before we went end met with voice acting legend Johnny Young Bosch who was there with his band Eyeshine's drummer Maurice.

Michael got a picture with Johhny and I got one of there albums for 10 $ which both of the guys signed.

Walked around bit more, more pictures, ate lunch at this point then it's off to get Mike Mignola's and Valentine De Landro's Signature. I got Mignola's signature and didn't ask any questions because I didn't have any. Now with De Landro I asked how it felt like working with someone like PAD and he said it was it was amazing to work under such a longtime writer. Which if you think about it it's true, he's from the old guard of legendary writers from the 80's (his Hulk run started in '87) and now a lot of those writers can be said that they are past they're prime but not PAD, he's been in the writing buiz for 25 years now and his writing doesn't feel stale at all. Anyways, sorry for that tangent but I asked if he has any projects in the works and he says he has something from marvel that has yet to be annouced, so look forward to that.

After that Michael and I stopped at this booth that was selling dvds where he bought Adventure Time season 1 and right next to that booth was a comic vendor where I bought the third Chew trade last year. Me and the guy who owned the booth got into a conversation about how to properly pronounce John Constantine's last name (it rhymes with line by the way) and the six Secret Avengers issue's Warren Ellis wrote.

Then I lost Michael for about 20 minutes, we found each other and we headed towards the fifth floor where they were holding the panels for the Johnny Young Bosch panel at 4 o'clock pm.

Then the panel happened and it was hilarious Johnny was telling stories about his various encounters with homeless people while Maurice was giving background music with his single drum and drum container. He answered questions in song, I asked a question that lead to a sing-a-long of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers theme song, both of them also played an unreleased Eyeshine song and ended things off with taking pictures with everyone. I took a picture with Johnny and Maurice and Michael has Johnny sign a Yu-Gi-Oh card he bought.

Then it was time to say goodbye and we headed towards the subway to go home. And that was my awesome Sunday.

General observation's of what I saw on the floor, a lot Matt Smith Doctor's (the one I took a picture of had his own Dalek), only saw one slave Leia, Michael who had a Doctor Whooves shirt (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic version of the 10th Doctor) got a lot of Brohoofs from a lot of Bronies on the floor, which leads me to saying there weren't a lot of MLP cosplayers this year but I believe we just need one of the mane cast to attend as a guest and that will open the flood gates. Oh wait John De Lancie (who voiced Discord, one of the villains) was there but I don't think a guest star in two episodes count. Also there was this one guy who was dressed as a Creeper from Minecraft was going around hissing at people and having a jolly good time scaring everyone. Also my finds of the con were Hellblazer #45, James Robinson's and Tony Harris's Starman #1 and Peter David's very first issue on the Incredible Hulk the famous #331 ! Also the trade paperback Nextwave: Agent's of H.A.T.E.

And now PICTURES !!!!1!1!!111!!!!! Starting with my favorite picture I took at the con. My favorite pony RARITY !

Posted by lykopis

Sounds like your day was fantastic! (Trying not to be jealous, but its hard). You managed to pack in a lot into your day and that question period with Johnny and Maurice sounded awesome. For them to break in the Mighty Morph Power Ranger song? lol -- hilarious!

You got great finds too although if I ever see you holding that signed Runaways, I am taking it...

You took some fantastic pics -- I have to say my favourite is Fiona, followed by Finn and Jake. Season One was another good buy!

Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it considering I missed every Comic Con this year. :)

Posted by MatKrenz

@lykopis: You live near Montreal ? Cause I don't see any way of really coming to this.

Also there's still NYCC.

Edited by lykopis

@MatKrenz: I visit Montreal now and then. I can't get to New York, too hard with school and everything so I am going to have to mark this year as a write-off.

Posted by MatKrenz

@lykopis: That sucks, it would have been cool to meet some people from the Vine there.

Posted by lykopis

@MatKrenz: I know! :(