Im a winner.

On June 10th I went to my local comic book shop in order to buy me oull list. While there the shop owner said he was holding a contest to see who might won a couple of tickets in order to see Green Lantern June 15th (wednesday). So I entered thinking I have a chance, so did a bunch of people. He told me he start picking names in a couple of minutes so I sticked around looking at Captain America omnibus'es (seriously they cost more than 50 bucks each). So the owner stirred the box with all of the names in it and I was picked first. So next wednesday im going to see Green Lantern. 
Here are pictures of the magic ticket:
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Grats man. Popcorn come with it?
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Congrats "Charlie" I hope you enjoy the factory with your Golden Ticket

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Nice one :-)

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Congrats :)
Posted by Billy Batson

It's a trap!


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congrats I never win something :( but anyway will you tell us what you'll find of the movie.

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Good for you. Enjoy the movie.

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Have fun.