Gifts and Boxing Day 2011.

As everybody knows the holiday season just came and gone and I would like to share what I have received from family or bought at both of my local comic book shops.

Christmas 2011

Mostly shows and movies I have wanted to get into or finally own for my collection. The only item in here that isn't mine but my dad's is Lost season 1 but it is science fiction so im interested.

Boxing Day: La Boîte à B.D.

Spent 59,52 $ and that was money well spent.

Boxing Day: My other comic book shop (yeah I don't go there often so I can't remember the name)

29,51 $ was also money well spent.

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Posted by King Saturn
pretty good finds.... I am just wondering who are the Pugilists who are supposed to be fighting on Boxing Day this year ? 
Posted by shawn87

How good is Gotham Central? I've been wanting to read that for a while now. And is that Mask Omnibus any good?

Posted by MatKrenz

@shawn87: Gotham Central is crazy good. As the quotes on the back of the first volume say if you are a fan of The Wire you will love this series. The crimes are really well thought out and it has one of the best written Joker's I have ever read. Also this volume had the Keystone Kops story wich is now my favorite arc.

As for The Mask it's really different from the movie since the comic is a bit more like a horror comic and the laughs are not really played up. It's also really interesting seeing Doug Mahnke early in his career.