Pull Month: Mars.

I decided to change the way I do this.For each issue I will give my toughts about it. 
Brightest Day #21: So everybody is finally getting together.Im guessing that Deadman is killing everybody this time. 
Brightest Day #22: DEADMAN MASSACRE. 
Booster Gold #42: Still going on with this stupid arc.I want Jurgens back on the book. 
Green Arrow #10: Im guessing that Galahad is the hero. 
Justice League: Generation Lost #21 :For one im happy that Booster is given a role as a leader for the JLI and Jaime better not be dead. 
Justice League: Generation Lost #22 :But the ending is going to be epic. 
Teen Titans #93 :Ohhh new character. 
And now for Marvel. 
Avengers Academy #10 :More guest teachers. 
Avengers Academy #11 :Huh Korvac comes to fight the Academy. 
Punisher: In the Blood #5 of 5 :OH NO HENRY. 
Secret Avengers #11 :Sweet more WWII history.  
X-Factor #216 :Cool Spidey and two X-Factors issues this month. 
X-Factor #217 :Also them dealing with J. Jonah Jamison who hates all superheroes ? SWEET. 
X-23 #7 :With a hii hii hoo and a hii hii hey!
We're hoisting the flag to be free
We will steal the show, Jolly Rogers go
We are wolves of the sea.                             Hell Yeah pirates. 
X-23 #8 :Sister vs Brother or vs half-brother.If youre a clone of one guy and fights his biological son are you actually legitimate brother and sister ? 
Interested: Daken : Dark Wolverine #7 : Im just getting it since it's crossing over with X-23.Also cool cover.


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I saw something funny today.

So today when I was walking home after buying some stuff at my local comic book shop (JSA: Justice be Done and the two last books for my pull list this week) I was walking on the sidewalk and looking at the cars that were passing by.But at the intersection there was a red light but when it turned green the first car didn't go so the car behind him,wich was from a driver's school yelled "AVANCE TABARNAQUE!" wich means "MOVE GODDAMMIT" for thos of you who don't understand french.SO i laughed and walked on home.

Pull Month: Feburary.

Feburary 2nd: Brightest Day #19,Time Master's: Vanishing Point #6 (of 6).Interested: None. 
Feburary 9th: Justice League: Generation Lost #19,X-Factor #215.Interested: Red Robin #20. 
Feburary 16th: Avengers Academy #9,Booster Gold #41,Brightest Day #20.Interested:None. 
Feburary 23rd: Green Arrow #9,Justice League: Generation Lost #20,Punisher: In the Blood # 3 (of 5),Secret Avengers #10,Teen Titans #92,X-23 #6.Interested: None. 
Seriosuly Marvel your new website design SUCKS.So I will put the new releases in a couple of days.

Pull Month: Janurary.

Janurary 5th:Brightest Day #17. Interested:X-Factor #213.

Janurary 12th:Booster Gold #40,Deadpool #31,Justice League: Generation Lost #17.Interested:None. 
Janurary 19th:Avenger's Academy #8,Brightest Day #18.Interested:Supergirl #60.,X-Factor #214.
Janurary 26th:Deadpool #32,Green Arrow #8,Justice League: Generation Lost #18,Punisher: In the Blood #3 (of 5),Secret Avengers #9,Teen Titans #91,Time Master's #6 (of 6),X-23 #5.Interested:None.


Really hate the new way Marvel has put to check out their new release's so I am missing Avenger's Academy.Also why is Deadpool and X-Factor coming out twice a month ?


What I got for Christmas.


Star Craft Battle Chest.



My Chemical Romance album and free tickets for cinema Guzzo. 


This is hilarious. 


Also hilarious. 



This is awesome. 


New alarm that can connect with my Ipod. 



Dark humour and really awesome main character. 



Last trade with Brian K. Vaugh writing and Adrian Alphona artist. 



Not as bad as I taught but ehhhh. 




This show is just so good. 



Awesome Sum 41 t-shirt from my cousin. 




Awesome Iron Maiden scarf also from a cousin. 


Some links

These are some links to some websites about how to write comic books for a class.

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Marvel gives the Runaways plot holes in only 3 comic books.

My favorite superheroe team are the Runaways,they are a great bunch of teenagers that you can learn why I like them here.Now there last issue of volume 3 was in September 2010 wich left Chase in a coma after getting by a car since he was chasing a girl that looked like Gert who didn't want to talk to him.Now since they have a movie in the works I assume that there ongoing will come back but in the mean time they are still stuck in that time but apparently they are moving.First in this Uncanny X-Men: Heroic Age book were we see her talking with Beast,this isn't so bad since this could take place at any time during volume 3 so I don't care.My biggest complaint is in the The Heroic Age: Super Heroes were Steve Rogers is writing a report on them stating that 2 of their members are dead and one of them is in critical condition in a hospital.So am I to understand that Steve knows that were the Runaways and how screwed up their are right now but he doesn't do anything to get them,I seriously doubt he would forget about this very troubled youth without checking up on them.Or who knows maybe the Young Avengers told him not to bother them but I doubt that.And then the finall nail in the casket is in New Avengers #7 were Molly is auditionning for the role of babysitter but it's in NEW YORK and she is supposed to be in LOS ANGELES,I read in Blurred View's review of Avenger's #7 that Bendis doesn't care for continuity but this is just stupid.I would imagine Steve taking Luc on the side on the party in issue 1 of the series and telling him about this team of very troubled teens are running around the country and if he sees them could he capture them ? That would make an iota of sense but apparently Bendis didn't think of this. 
This blog was about how Marvel's stupidity his screwing up my favorite team while they don't even have an on-going series and how much the writer that is going to write their series is going to be forced to write it around these appearences. 



Pull Month :December

December 1st: Brightest Day #15.Interested: None.

December 8th: Booster Gold #39,Justice League: Generation Lost #15.Interested: None. 
December 15th: Avengers Academy #7,Brightest Day #16,Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 (of 6).Interested: None. 

December 22nd:Deadpool #30,Justice League: Generation Lost #16,Punisher: In the Blood #2 (of 5),Secret Avengers #8.Interested: None. 

December 29th: Green Arrow #7,Teen Titans #90,X-23 #4.Interested: None. 
The releases are very odd this month.


Emilie Autumn's book.


To anybody that knows who Emilie Autumn is I just recieved her book from my cousin in Toronto today wich was supposed to be for my birthday.But that was July 5th but I don't care.Here's a picture.


 To anybody who is interested in her music here is a link to a Youtube page with a couple of live performances and some  other stuff. 

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