The worst villains of all time part 2

All heroes have their most memorable villains, whether by appearance, by the equipment or madness. But there are villains more memorable than those that would like that did not exist?

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Posted by BlueLantern1995

Overall agree, though 1 or 2 I like from this list namely: Stegron, Spidercide, Arnim Zola, and Tarantula(don't know much about this guy but I think he has potential). Other than those I agree.

Posted by matchesmalone21

@BlueLantern1995: Arnim Zola is great,but he looks is terrible. Ohh add more 3 to the list:Cavalier,Matador and Bushwacker

Posted by Vincent92

oh god, i remeber shithead, to be defeated by the power of bleach

Posted by PabloRS

You can say Roxy Rocket is a poor villain, but i totally felt in love with her. SHE RIDE A ROCKET