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Where's Black Panther?

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@Joygirl: I forgot him!! tahnks for remember me :)

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What means PIS?

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@pablors: Plot Induced Stupidity is a term used to refer to events in a story that contradict a character's normal capabilities for the purpose of the plot.

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Like it

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@dngn4774: I've posted right now. I forgot her,my bad :P

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Don't forget Superman. A lot of his Golden Age comics had him developing ridiculous abilities time and again to save the day. Personally, I feel the whole "turn the Earth backwards to reverse time" thing is pretty much the definition of PIS.

It might also be a good idea to give a quick description of PIS in the text box below your list's title so that newcomers can quickly understand what you mean by PIS.

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I want to say Scarlet Witch. At some point, her hex magic/probability manipulation expanded to flight, matter manipulation and of course the House of M reality phasing, but even after that was cleared up, during AvsX she could fly and Im not sure when that became part of her powerset.