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  • Random encounter
  • Current version of both
  • Standart gears
  • No outside help
  • BFR allowed
  • Battle starts 500 feet apart
  • Morals off,bloodlusted
  • Wins by death or incapacitation

Location: Paradise Island

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@stephens2177: i find his non-touch TK actually pushes him further away from Superman. it really differentiates the 2. like Superboy can do stuff like Superman but also do completely different stuff, shows he is not the same race as superman... his powers can simulate the others of his half heritage but also he doesnt have any of Supermans weaknesses (except kryptonite but im not sure hes been exposed to that yet, not sure if anyone has...) like red-son radiation

Superboy also fought Eradicator (whose now is entirely made of kryptonite) in old Krypton,which means under a red sun. Look into the page 2 or 3

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@myanarkaya: @dernman: @kidman560: @corruptedowl: Jon feats

Superboy 27

Cast a telekinetic shield.

Scanning a entire city to locate Raven.

Superboy 28

Created a force field.

Superboy 29

Escape unscated from a explosion withou TK force field.

Superboy 30

Superboy can feed himself of Metahuman's powers and energies.

Superboy 31 & 32

Drain almost everything Parasite have absorbed into himself.

One-shot Parasite and leave it limbless.

Although being depowered since is nearby Rose Wilson,Jon is capable to take a sword to the eye and outmatch Hammersmith with TK vision. Concentrating telekinesis over his hand BFR Hammersmith away.

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@rubear said:

Kinda Loki: Agent of Asgard, eh?)

What? I don't see any reference here...

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Low-Street Level:

DC- Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow

Marvel- Captain America, DareDevil, Hawkeye

Mid-Street Level:

DC- Red Robin, Vibe, Batwing

Marvel- Gambit, Iron Fist, Tigra

High-Street Level:

DC- Hawkman, Cyborg (New52), Poison Ivy

Marvel- Archangel, Agent Venom, Crystal


  • Random encounter
  • Basic knowledge
  • Morals are standard but heroes are willing to kill
  • Standard equipment
  • DC characters have access to both Pre/New52 feats unless stated otherwise
  • Win by death, knockout, or incapacitation


Cadmus Island, 2oft. apart and full of scientist

Vibe as a street leveler?? Currently he have tear the walls of reality by his own powers.

Cyborg too?

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@thedailybagel said:

Quick silver blitzs aquaman and pietro breaks every body part he tries to attack with.

Arthur stomps.

If Quicksilver didn't break his hand punching characters like Ultron...who is made out of Adamantium, I highly doubt punching the King Fish would bother him.


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@archizoom said:

@matchesmalone21: I wasn't talking to or about in the first place but I have to agree with Powerwoman, you only view that as a feat because you consciously or subconsciously expect Wonder Woman to perform poorly compared to Superman.

Don't fuck imagine what you doesn't know,because you don't know me. I analyzed the feat carefully,I'm not like you or powerwoman and I getting tired of people like you.
Why you didn't created respect thread to keep hearing that kind of shit all the times? I want to see how would you feel with that. Isn't any of you that spent hours and days searching,reading and analyzing...both of you does nothing besides annoying people.

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@thetruthiii said:

In addition to Hulk's constant, undodgeable gamma rays, doesn't Vibranium cause damage to whoever hits it hard enough? And I don't know much about WB Hulk, but didn't he sink Manhattan by stepping on it?

. He almost blew up eastern seabord while is releasing gamma bursts. so why that's important?

@ssj_god: Superman have neter into the sun,survived to a nuclear attack twice. Hulk can survive in outer space since he's powers are also adaptative.