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@saren@jedixman@god_spawn The thread is been derailed. This isn't about MOS Superman vs MC Ultron anymore,so should be locked

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@llehdevil:You're welcome mate ::::::::D

@wyldsong said:
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@matchesmalone21: Again I have addressed the batman example. Look at clayfaces reaction while batman freezes him. He is clearly concerned about being frozen. All batman did was freeze his arms. Batman did have prep but he came to that fight under prepared, he should have brought more freezing gell. Peter will freeze his body completely. As for Arkham war scans I see fire fly in the back ground so I am not sure if clayface escaped on his own power.

And it looks like you have this topic covered my friend, no need for me to say much of anything else=)

About Spider-sense ok....anyway I proved that Clayface can burn things, thus being able to escape

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Doomsday,Brainiac,Metallo (from Smallville),Heatwave and Captain Cold (from Flash) and Sylar (from Heroes)


  • Random encounter
  • Movie version of Ultron
  • Tv version of Dc characters
  • Standart gears
  • Ultron has his army
  • Ultron isn't connected in the internet
  • Morals off, bloodlust
  • Wins by death or incapacitation

Location: Xavier's institute (movie version).

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@llehdevil said:

@jashro44: Makes sense. I don't believe the feats posted earlier in the thread with powerhouses are valid. But I do believe Clayface can find ways around the ice. He could expand himself and break out of it. Or he could even melt it with acid. So if it's a moderately-sized building where the battle is taking place, I'm still giving it to CF. But if the environment takes place on the NYC streets, I can see Pete taking it.

L. D.

Wait since when can clayface create acid?

In Pre-New 52 universe Preston Payne (the only non shape-shifter Clayface) had ability to corrode organic materials.
When Basil Karlo brought together all Clayfaces (of that era) in a group to get samples of their DNA and then combining them into one injected himself becoming the ultimate Clayface,having the ability to change shape,corrode organic materials and replicate any powers (as Sondra Fuller).

Re -reading Batwoman 39 I noticed that he may have this ability to corrode or burn ,when Rory Regan touched his skin, he got burned.

As well as it has the ability to copy a person to the DNA (as I have shown in previous page) acquiring their skills and powers. Reconfirmed in Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion 4.

I have only one question to ask...if Clayface turn into a cat or an old lady, how Spiderman would know that's him? have you take into account that he is a shape-shifter?