I rex vs V rex

Location: same as the final fight in the movie

Instead of a t rex coming out of the cage it is a v rex

also, assume there is not interference from the people raptors and the mosasaurus isn't in the tank

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Mysterio/Chameleon VS Batman

Location: Gotham

Mysterio/ chameleon have 1 week of prep

batman has 1 hour of prep

Win: incapacitation, KO, death

versions: Classic for villains new 52 for batsy (but all cannon feats count)


Master Chief vs Green Goblin

Location: starts off in a college gym (unoccupied)

To Win: death, incapacitation, KO

standard gear for goblin (norman, 616) chief gets energy sword, 2 of every grenade from halo 3, battle rifle with all its ammo mark VI suit