Mysterio/Chameleon VS Batman

Location: Gotham

Mysterio/ chameleon have 1 week of prep

batman has 1 hour of prep

Win: incapacitation, KO, death

versions: Classic for villains new 52 for batsy (but all cannon feats count)


Master Chief vs Green Goblin

Location: starts off in a college gym (unoccupied)

To Win: death, incapacitation, KO

standard gear for goblin (norman, 616) chief gets energy sword, 2 of every grenade from halo 3, battle rifle with all its ammo mark VI suit


Ryu runs the gauntlet

Location: tokyo streets

Versions: current unless otherwise stated

To Win: Incapacitation or death

He is fully healed at the end of each round

Ryu is bloodlusted and starts off in his op rage mode (can't remember what it is called off the top of my head)

everybody has standard equipment

1) Ezio

2) king pin

3) daredevil

4) batman

5) Kraven

6) Master chief

7) Wolverine

8) spiderman

9) Kratos

10) ironman


Michelangelo VS Casey Jones

Versions: MS


Gear: Mikey has his nunchucks / Casey has his hockey mask as well as hockey pads on his legs arms chest and torso plus a golf bag with a hockey stick, golf club, baseball bat.

Locations: inside Caseys apartment at first but any where is on limits as long as it stays within the island

To win: death


current non HF Wolverine runs the Spiderman Villian Guantlet

Location: Alberta woods at night

logan has 1 hour prep for every match and has access to an international police data base on high speed internet

enemies have no prep unless otherwise stated

death or incapacitation to win

James is fully healed after every fight

KIngpin classic

shocker classic

scorpion classic

morbius classic

Kraven H2H

lizard classic

doc ock classic

green goblin

venom brock classic

BONUS Round: Spiderman classic