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@ShootingNova said:

@AtPhantom: I've heard rumours at best but I've never seen this myself. Sometimes it's bad to be a witness.

Well when people troll you , sidetrack your thread, etc then yes this is what happens. Some people think Im a idiot, some people im sick. I mean while they are fusing there anger at me I am enjoying my Friday.

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You are a liar as well. The baby was trying to get away from the scissors? You are sick.

In a partial birth abortion, if the tube in the baby's head fails to kill the baby, they just cut the head off. That is a FACT. Do you want me to show you?

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I could provide a argument but you will just throw punches at me, I am sorry what you and your wife went through, I pray for you, and that's all I have to say. Now I am going to enjoy the rest of my Friday.

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@misterfuffles said:

@MasterJohn: Your lack of empathy is astounding and your attitude is simply disgusting. If you think by reading and watching a video you can understand what it is like to be going through abortion, you are quite frankly idiotic.

Yes, I think a few months of researching, having a experienced professional tell me about an abortion, watch 3 full abortion videos that are an hour each, I think that informs me some on abortion. The only argument you could say that I lacked empathy with is the "Life of the mother' or "Rape". And even though it is horrific and horrendous and probably terrorizing to see your wife die unless you get an abortion, or to see your 15 year old daughter have a son born of a rape, I realize that and I mourn that. I have empathy for that, and I hope they make the right decision.

are more women have an abortion for convenience than women who have an abortion to save their own lives. Second, let’s remember that God is a God of miracles. He can preserve the life of a mother and a child despite all the medical odds being against it. Ultimately, though, this question can only be decided between a husband, wife, and God. Any couple facing this extremely difficult situation should pray to the Lord for wisdom (James 1:5) as to what He would have them to do.

Over 95 percent of the abortions performed today involve women who simply do not want to have a baby. Less than 5 percent of abortions are for the reasons of rape, incest, or the mother's health at risk. Even in the more difficult 5 percent of instances, abortion should never be the first option. The life of a human being in the womb is worth every effort to allow the child to be born.

I care for you if you have had a dead baby because you didn't get an abortion or a dying baby. I pray and mourn for you, however 2 wrongs don't make a right. Without offending people I can not talk about that matter any further.

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@ShootingNova said:

@MasterJohn: What is RoT Bane? I assume you mean Orbalisk Bane? Because the Bane in the beginning was exactly the same as the Bane at the end of PoD.

So DoE Bane would be strongest, and he wins.

Yes, orbalisk bane.

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Mace Windu Unleashed

Morals off, bloodlust off.

Battle ends in death.

Battle takes place on Kashyyyk.

Who wins?

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Any verison of bane except ROT.

Morals on, bloodlust off.

Battle ends in KO or death.

Battle takes place on Nal Hutta.

Who wins?

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@AtPhantom said:

@MasterJohn said:

A AR-15 is a sporting rifle that can be used to hunt, it is not this scary automatic weapon (that has been illegal to the public since 1934 and 1986) but that is for another thread.

Sucks for you then. No way you're stopping those zombies without a full auto.

I don't believe in zombies.

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The quotes say nothing that you believe them to.

Have you read them? I mean, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MANIPULATE AND TWIST THE BIBLE TO YOUR OWN LIKINGS. Christ. You'll do anything to justify being pro-choice but when I show you what you support your saying it's inhuman, immoral, amoral, if so WHY DO YOU SUPPORT IT?

Exodus 21 does NOT say what you believe it does. You have forced your own meaning onto it to suit your own purposes.

Alright lets see what Exodus 21 says in the original translation that King James had.

Exodus 21:22-25

King James Version (KJV)

If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,

Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

So life for life, foot for foot, death for death. I am not twisting it, that's the original scripture, go look it up.

Your lack of empathy is astounding.

Sir your insults will get you nowhere in this argument.

And you justify your stance by saying that ou have a parent who is a nurse and because you've seen it on a video?

And I've read Roe.v.Wade. And I've read how the abortion process is undergone, and I understand that it is a life.

I've seen Conan, it doesn't make me a barbarian! A


And for the record, i am trained as a nurse and worked in the industry for over ten years. Regardless of whether you took those photos down or not, you posted them in the first place and from your subsequent comments, it is clear that you still feel you did no wrong and are completely unrepentant.

If I felt like I did no wrong those photos would still be up. Stop making assumptions sir, please. I showed you what you support and you think it's inhuman and immoral, so sir WHY do you support it?

You are the antithesis of your God's love and understanding and you do not even truly understand the book from which you preach.

Antithesis? MY GOD'S LOVE? So murder must be love. God does not love Abortion, he loves life. And it is sick to manipulate and twist the scriptures to suit YOU in your pro-choice views. It is completely and utterly sick. I have morals, I have decency, you are so angry about something you support sir. I am angry over this to, but if you support it why are you so angry?

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@AtPhantom said:

@JediXMan said:

Think I understand his perspective on video game violence, now: he has difficulty separating fiction from reality. I think that's the meat of the issue here.

I suppose that explains his gun control stances as well. The zombies are out to get us.

A AR-15 is a sporting rifle that can be used to hunt, it is not this scary automatic weapon (that has been illegal to the public since 1934 and 1986) but that is for another thread.