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@MasterJohn: A feat nonetheless, and something equal to that should be able to be performed in this battle as well.

Makes very very valid points though. Voldemort being able to teleport behind Gandalf with a thought then strike him with a killing curse. Nova, here's what I am asking: Give me a list of things Gandalf can do as creative as Voldemort did them, give me a list of what he can do to stop/kill voldemort in this battle. From what I see, nothing too fancy.

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@MasterJohn: And breaking the Bridge of Khazud-Dum was was an elemental feat now, was it?

No sir but I am talking actual spells.

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Do you think personell who believed Kim Jong Il was a GOD are going to repent?

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So wait Yosemite sam fails to mxy, but Marvin wins How does that work when Yosemite sam can blow someone's head off with toon force bullets?

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Hey buddy, keep your sidetracking at a forum called Off topic. I enjoy Cartoons and comics, plus according to my Religion as long as it has nothing to do with witchcraft (Witchcraft is not blowing fire out of your hands or shooting a ice bolt at someone) it's fine. I mean, like Gandalf, he shoots down lightning bolts and elvish fire. It's FANTASY. I can deterr from FANTASY and FICTION. Plus I could care less if they are gay, as long as they are not forcing there gay ideology on me and young children, I am fine with them. Hell, I have homosexual friends.

Anyway, I think Marvin wins.

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I know I may not win this debate, but here it goes.

Gandalf used elven fire to ward off spiders in The Hobbit.

I believe he used lightning against hoards of orcs.

I do not see anything where it says Gandalf can withstand a killing curse, absorb a killing curse, shoot a ball of light at someone. I am left to assume all he can do is some elementals.

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@lykopis said:

@MasterJohn said:

@Illuminatus said:

@MasterJohn: As a Christian, I thought you would be opposed to indiscriminate loss of life...

Ithink if we bomb the governmental personell of NK it's justified lost of life. Some people need to die, Illuminatus. North Korean governmental people just rape, beat and kill all who oppose them. There's the difference between the value of life, and the value of monsters. The citizens of North Korea have been turned into mindless vassels that think Kim Jung was a god, and his family are gods. They are already messed up. If I was President I would bomb all military districts of NK, kill all the leaders and politically important people, and land troops in to take and secure the country then I'd give it off to South Korea.


From one extreme of human life being sacred to this.

Yes, bomb the barracks of evil military personnel who are stationed beside the work camps filled with political prisoners. That'll show'em. Some people need to die --- the mindless vessels already messed-up so it's okay.

It's just too easy to take you on. But more sad.

You support the murder of fetuses (and when you see pictures your grossed out) I support wiping heartless monsters who would rape a girl, kill her mother and father with no remorse whatsoever. Christians believe those people go to hell. Do you advocate those people?

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@goblin123 said:

Gonna go with book Voldemort.

In his fight against Dumbledore in the fifth book Voldemort was REALLY fast and was very creative in the way he used magic/had good reflexes. He animated objects to fight for him, transmutated substances, in addition to using the Killing Curse. He also kept Apparating around, instantaneously changing his position by teleporting, and I could see this totally throwing Gandalf off.

Plus according to the BOOK (movie doesn't follow this) the Killing Curse is supposed to be ''unblockable.'' It says so in the HP wiki and it said so in at least one book. Chances are Voldemort will fire a Killing Curse at Gandalf who will think it can be blocked by a counter spell or magic only to find himself dead. Sure Gandalf can occasionally block the Killing Curse with a sword or his staff but he doesn't have the reflexes to do this continuously (he's not a Jedi). At some point the Killing Curse will hit a part of him or he'll make the mistake of thinking a counterspell/shield defense could work only to get blown.

Voldemort is too fast (teleports around), creative in his use of spells, and has the unblockable Killing Curse.

I don't think Gandalf has fought an opponent like this...

Exactly, and all Gandalf can do is shoot fire and lightning..

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Who wins then?