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I am not asking only about Bruce, with Tim and Dick, we obviously see them getting older. 
I was reading Flash v2 #1 and Dick says to Wally during Wally 20th anniversary birthday something like you are in the real thing now. It was like Dick was already more than 20 at that time, which is a little similar to when Tim became Robin. 
So actually Dick may be older than we think. He may have been 22 when Tim became robin and could be 27 now. I don't see how somebody younger than that could pretend to the cowl. 
If Dick is around 27, Bruce would be more like 43. 
I don't think he will get younger or slow aging stuff. I think he will come back older, he have to give of his life to come back. And that may help keeping Dick as Batman and Bruce more as the boss of the JLA or something
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I repost my previous one as it seems there is trouble posting from my ipad. 
How old do you think are the main members in the bat family? 
To my mind, Bruce took Dick as a side kick when he was around 30, and Dick was 14. Tim was around 14-15 when Bruce sent him to Paris for training. 
So I would say that now Bruce would be 38 (well before Final crisis), Dick 22 and Tim 17-18. Alfred is kind of hard to guess, I would say 70 by now. 
What do you think?


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Hey, I am new to wildstorm. I like the new DV8 and I saw some good review of Wildcats here so I was wondering if it was a cool reading and newbie friendly. 
I was worried that I had to read both Wildcasts and authority to follow what's going on? Looking for your advices
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And what about Birds of Prey the previous run, I really like the calculator
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I am talking about the cassandra run.  
If you have the choice of having the catwoman run or the batgirl run, which one would you choose? 
Moreover, if cassandra and catwoman have too fight, who will win. I think Cassandra kick ass but catwoman is nasty so that's open
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Hi there, 
I am building up my collection and I am big fan of Batman, superman and Justice League. 
As you know comics takes a lot of place in the house and I wanted to know what you was thinking of the detective comics issue post crisis. 
I already have all the batman, for the issue crossover, I read them on my ipad usually but a lot of detecive are not crossover but stand alone story (not so famous though). 
How would you judge them 
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I want to read the last stand on new krypton and the war of supermen. From which issue should I start and how about Action comics, Is it good?
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Thanks I got the darkness from 76 so it means there is 5 TPB between the compendium and #76 
There is a darkness vs Eva, any good, is it critical to have it?
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It seems witchblade fans are really cool. 
I found out about the witchblade compendium 1 & 2, I got them ordered, it covers the first 100 issues. After that I can't find any good lot on ebay so I find I gonna go for TPB until 125.  
There is a limited edition for both of them and they are much more expensive, do you know if there is any difference except the cover
For Darkness, it looks really cool but I don't understand how to get them in trade paperback because of the strange indexing number. 
There is a Compendium for vol.1 with the first 40 issues, but then it look very messy. Any recommandation
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And how about tie-in stories, it seems angelus and darkness are linked to witchblade
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