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Why!!! 0

Go this was a horrible movie lets review why 1. Megan Fox was in it 2. the story line sucked 3. DC comics 4. Not Marvel  even though i prefer Marvel over DC this was just sad and pathetic and that why if i could i would give it a 0/5...

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Great 0

This was a really good movie but with wone thing hulk vs red king in the first round and not mentioning skaar.  Also i liked hoe they matched him with beta ray bill not silver surfe like the comics.Verdict 5/5 I wish i could buy this movie really bad and i loved it...

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Just Sad 0

What the heck Goku turned into an ape that was 6 feet not 60 feet Was that Piccilo Jr. or King Piccilo If they make a sequel how could they intruduce the super sayn or majin buu  This movie should of had more CGI The story should have taken place during the Dragonball show Just Sad...

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Awsome 0

Review Spider-Man: The Return of the Green Goblin I love this movie within the series it has such a good plot. I liked how it was peter vs norman and spidey vs goblin. Even thou hobgoblin was never in the arc im suprised how well the creators put him in the movie....

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