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Name:Leon Quake,Goes by Dog as an Alias.
Skin:White,pale at times.
Weight:142 Pounds 
Age:He was born in1864,but looks no older than Twenty Six.
Powers:Vampire-Level Physical Abilities,special ability to gain resistance to the standard weaknesses of the vampiric race by consuming the hearts of others of his kin.

The Fable of a Scumbag

Leon Quake was a simple minded jerk,born during the late years of the Industrial Revolution Era.He worked in the city of New York as a worker at a factory,the kind that did the heavy lifting.He got into bar fights every week,and had been sent to prison many,many times.On his way to work one day,he is rear-ended.He,needless to say,is extremely pissed.He gets out of his vehicle,grabs a old pipe he had in the trunk,and wails on the car that had caused the accident.It was a fancy auto-mobile,with tinted windows.Or,at least it WAS before Leon got done with it.He leaves,not thinking about the problems with his actions.He is eventually put in a prison a few days later,due to piled on repeat offences.
Unfortunately,he is removed from prison by the man who owned the vehicle Leon severely messed up.The man was a high ranking member of the Romanian Mafia,and he didn't enjoy the beating his vehicle took.He,firstly,had Leon tied up,then beat the living sh!t out him.After that,he put Leon on a boat,and had him sailed all the way to the coasts of Europe,where other members of the Mafia retrieved him.They took him,beaten half to death,to a very rural village.They were planning on executing him,but in a very 'special' way.Leon awoke in the village,hanging from his arms from a high tree.His hands were tied around a branch,so he just dangled there,screaming.The village was empty,almost like everyone was.....hiding.
Suddenly,he heard it.The sound s of branches being violently pushed and pulled from down below.He began screaming.He heard something climbing through the branches at alarming speed.Before he could do anything,a pale,disgusting hand pushed through the branches and grabbed his leg.He kicked and yelled.It pulled it way up.A Vampire.(Or,as any Vampire enthusiast knows,this creature was actually a old-race that came before vampires,but back to the story!)

He screamed,but it did nothing.The creature began tearing apart Leon's clothing and body.He kicked and tried to fight,but it pulled it's way up to his neck.He screamed and shaked until a loud SNAP was hear.The tree began tipping.The Vampire(Nosferatu) yelped and tried to get off,but it seemed Leon had gotten some bravery and had wrapped his legs around it.The whole tree fell,right onto on of the buildings in the village.
A day later,the Mafia members come across the bodies of the vampire,which had been impaled on a branch,and Leon.They tooked the bodies and the tree and set them on fire in the middle of the village.The Mafia members left,not caring any more.A few nights later,some other vampires(NOSFERATU'S!!!) were scavenging the remains of the fire.A fist punched through the wood,smashing the Vampire face into mush on impact.The other on turned and growled.Up from the ashes,Leon stood up.Burned,cut,and stabbed...but not dead.Not completely dead,anyway.
He grabbed a piece of wood from the fire and stabbed the vampire viciously until it was dead.He fell down and vomited immeadietly after.He was extremely hungry,and,through his digression,bit down on one of the dead vampires necks.He devoured both of them within minutes.Not only that,but his wounds healed.He examined his fangs,looking down into a well(Which but be very far down,and it must be very dark,but these are not problems for a vampire!....or Nosferatu....).He shook himself off,and walked to on of the building.He grabbed the handle,not noticing the cross on the door until he grabbed it.He looked at the door and jumped back(Even he knows the rules of vampires).Surprisingly,he wasn't hurt by the cross.He broke the door down,a bit confused now.The humans scream about their protections against vampires,Leon rips their throats out.He steals some clothes,cash,and valuable items and leaves the village.

The Importance of Cannibalism

Leon lounges in his home,formerly owned by the mob boss who had tried to have him killed.He had killed his way through the Romanian Mafia,and crowned himself it's new leader.Anyone who tried to disagree had their throats ripped before they could say a thing.He,after a few months of his vampirism,found that by devouring any creature that can thrive on blood,he can grow immunities to standard weakness's of a vampire.He had had the home taken care of for over a hundred years,employing new workers as the decades passed.He has become something of a science buff,enjoying chemistry and biology.He made himself a suit which can protect him from the sun, garlic,and even crosses,in the case he can't find a vampiric creature to cannibalize.
He enjoys hunting,skydiving,and scuba diving,at least when he's doing LEGAL things.When doing non-legal things,he goes out massacring people in his costume(Simply because he likes the look).He also enjoys gun and drug running,for sport,not money.He is a master with many firearms,but enjoys blades more,and he also is good with crossbows and bow & arrows.He looks for ways around common weaknesses of his kin every day,experimenting by forcing captured vampires to do these things for him.