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@Blood1991: Yes if I dared to get this book I would pluck the remnants of hair that I have left thinking of what he has done. I will pass by keeping my memories of their personalities and how they actually looked.

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If you think about it it's a blessing in disguise, would you really want Bendis to write this couple?

I think it's good that he was willing to concede for the sake of the book regardless that it has an awful creative team on the book.

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One of the worst "creative teams" ever. Give me Liefeld on art and Kevin Smith on scripting duties over this mess, thank you Quesada for a jumping off point. I'm glad i'm done with marvel except X-Factor.

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@John Valentine said:

Because basing your opinion on a few panels is valid. NOT.

For Bendis books that is exactly what you need to do.

Be prepared for four pages of quipping from every character and head shots of characters talking by the third issue you might get some action that might be related to the story.

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"This fight is an insult to the martial arts." Mr.Satan

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Exactly the movies aren't canon, if you can't use the X-Men movies as feats for characters when arguing the comic versions don't try it here. And even if you try to use that movie for canon it was in favor of Kakarot, most movies are because of fan service. Kakarot in the realm of the living can't maintain his power consumption during SSJ3, it is the most draining transformation. Why do you think Gotenks had such a short amount of time using it against Buu it completely drains the ki. So even if he mastered it Gohan would still be stronger. Kakarot would need to reach Gotenks SSJ3 to try to contest with Gohan.

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@dbzmeister said:

@MarvelGrey: Not necessarily in the 10 year gap after dbz there's a good chance Gpku with training would be at least close to his power, he increased his strength tenfold within one year during his time on King Kai's planet and by a further five times training in the space capsule en-route to Namek, not to mention his astronomical increase in strength after time spent in the otherworld between the Cell/Buu sagas. It's very likely that Goku ten years on would have made absolute mincemeat out of Buu, whilst Gohan's strength would have remained static as he shows no devotion to training.

I don't think you know which Gohan this is. It's not post Kid Buu Gohan it's Gohan from when he fought Super Buu. The only thing that Kakarot could accomplish in those 10 years is the mastery of his SSJ3 form, plus as a bone i'm throwing you he probably cut the ki consumption down.

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Gohan is superior in all aspects except fighting skill but his power will make up for that.

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Well if Doom lost it would be a doombot. He hardly fights. I say Sinister though the only man he once feared was Apocalypse. Anything Doom can do Sinister would have already calculated it.

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@clemj said:

... come on just add the function: customize character

If you played X-Men Destiny you would know why that is a bad idea.

I could have sworn this is the same plot of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 or very similar. Anyways this game looks like it needs to go back to the drawing board, and do some massive overhauls.