Sometimes its a good thing, sometimes its not. most of the time its not. A good example would be golden age joker. He died almost every time he appeared, its ridiculous MAKE UP YOUR MIND. whats the point in killing of Alfred, or aqua man or superman or flash or Hal Jordan or Lana Lang or kyle Rayner or batman or bat woman or booster gold or doomsday or green arrow or guy Gardner or jimmy Olsen or Lois lane or lex Luther or martian man hunter or sinestro or aunt may or apocalypse or dock ock or daredevil or captain America if your just gonna bring them back 2 issues later. however, there have been a couple occasions where it made a great story such as Jason Todd or green goblin. This has gotten to such a bad point that when someone dies you wonder how long if it'll last more than 2 issues. I dont think a single years gone by where a character hasn't died, been resurrected, or both. Writers if you're reading this then please! go at least one year without killing a character and bringing them back.(okay maybe I wouldn't mind bringing back nightcrawler)

You're gonna let me die?
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the spidey chronoligy project is going along okay.

im now on the year 1992. so far its been a big pain to read them in accurate order but im doing pretty good, after this ill do the same thing with batman comics which is going to be an even bigger pain in the ass to do. after that ill do x-men which will be easy cause I know that reading order by heart.

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just finished a thing called galactic conquest on a game

the game was star wars battlefront 2. Really fun game considering certrain things. It was really rewarding because based on who your playing as you get an alternate ending for the sw universe here is what they are: empire: luke and leia and chewy dont get to save han and hes stuck in carbonite with boba guarding him, leia is chocked by Darth Vader. all the rebels die in space and luke gives in to emperor an turns evil. cis: they kill all the clones, jango fett and Darth maul are alive and well, duko electrocutes anakin on mustafar, Darth sidious leads an attack on the temple, general grievous hunts down the rest of the jedi. republic: emperor is killed by mace windu, the jedi dont get gunned down, obi wan kills grievous and anakins made a master. you already know the rebels one.

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ive just finished all ishuess of marvel team up

im trying to read spidey comics in chronological order but its getting really hard to determine how the reading order is. Im now up to the year 1987. When I get to the 90s its gonna be near impossible to read them in order. im dreading what ill do when I get there since most chronological list just say stuff like mtu22[725389] or pptss85[781674] mcao[19788] and the ones that are specific are usually only up to 1971 at the moment