Shatter the Trinity

Trinity No More
1. Remove the Trinity - Keep Batman dead for awhile, have Superman lose his powers; leave Earth for awhile; anything but be in the spot light. Wonder Woman has to return to her Island or Olympius or is stripped of her abilities after angering the gods or something. Come of with some reason that removes these three from the DCU for awhile.

2. Taking the Mantle - Someone ends up replace Batman as the Dark Knight of Gotham. I honestly don't care who it is, as long as its not Bruce Wayne. Superman gets no "official" replacement, but instead lost of C and B list characters fill his shoes. Wonder Woman's role as a superhero is taken by Donna Troy and her place as Princess is filled by either some other Amazon I can't think of or Cassie.

3. Stepping out of the shadow - Use the C-List characters alot more. DC has tons of characters that are just begging to get the spot light and with the Trinity MIA, now is there chances to shine. I'm not saying replace these characters for the Trinity. The Trinity will eventually come back, but with a brief period for other characters to shine, their place may not be looking down at the others anymore.
Posted by Nighthunter

So you want 52? ;P

btw that's exactly what's happening after the crisis. Superman is out of Earth, Batman dead and Wonder woman replaced by Achiles

Posted by Marvel Knight

Well, I can only hope they don't screw it up then:P