Who is the "Original" Villain?

So who could be Dr. Doom's true master or better yet, who is the original villain? The answer is Vlad Tepes, the Prince of Darkness, or more commonly know, Dracula! That's right, Dracula is who Dr. Doom was referring. There is only one villain who has been around long enough to be considered the original villain.  He's got power, he's got intelligence, and he's got goals. He is the perfect person to be the ultimate villain of darkness waiting for his chance to strike back at the Marvel Universe.

But is Dracula worthy of being Dr. Doom's true master? Lets think about it, what is it that Dr. Doom would need a master for? He already has money, he has scientific intelligence, what was he missing when he started? His resources in the vast world of magic. Dracula is a master of mystic arts, strong enough to rival the powers of Thor and the Silver Surfer at times.  His range of magical abilities is almost limitless and limitless powers is something a man like Victor Von Doom seeks. It would make sense for Dr. Doom to look to Dracula as a master, to teach him his ways.

Strength to match Colossus
Is Dracula powerful enough to be Dr. Doom's master? Physically Dracula surpasses Dr. Doom in great leaps. His strength is great enough were he can catch a punch from Colossus. Durability wise he has taken blows from not only Dr. Strange, but also Thor and the Silver Surfer. But Dr. Doom has no need for a master who is physically stronger than himself. What he needs is a Master of the Mystic Arts. Well considering that Dracula is one of the most well know magical beings, it is probably a pretty good person to turn to. Dracula's magic allows him to do such things as summon storms, control not only animals but people as well, as well as vast great degrees of shape-shifting. Dracula's abilities are great enough rival that of Dr. Strange's, even overpowering him at one point mentally.

How would these two titans of terror meet? Early in his career, Dr. Doom seeks out a master to help him defeat the Fantastic Four for real. After searching endlessly, he comes to a castle in
Transylvanian. Upon entering the two have a battle, and Dracula is impressed by Dr. Doom's willpower and resourcefulness. Deciding that Dr. Doom would be his "in" man to the outside world, he agrees to train him what he knows of the Mysic Arts, in return for his loyalty. The two meet in secret throughout the years, so Dr. Doom can learn more from Dracula as well as Doom imforming Dracula the condiition of the Earth. Now that the Skrull Invasion have put Dr. Doom in a very high place in the world, Dracula decides now is the time for him to make his return and take the Earth while its still weak and recovering.

Prince of Darkness has returned!
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Shatter the Trinity

Trinity No More
1. Remove the Trinity - Keep Batman dead for awhile, have Superman lose his powers; leave Earth for awhile; anything but be in the spot light. Wonder Woman has to return to her Island or Olympius or is stripped of her abilities after angering the gods or something. Come of with some reason that removes these three from the DCU for awhile.

2. Taking the Mantle - Someone ends up replace Batman as the Dark Knight of Gotham. I honestly don't care who it is, as long as its not Bruce Wayne. Superman gets no "official" replacement, but instead lost of C and B list characters fill his shoes. Wonder Woman's role as a superhero is taken by Donna Troy and her place as Princess is filled by either some other Amazon I can't think of or Cassie.

3. Stepping out of the shadow - Use the C-List characters alot more. DC has tons of characters that are just begging to get the spot light and with the Trinity MIA, now is there chances to shine. I'm not saying replace these characters for the Trinity. The Trinity will eventually come back, but with a brief period for other characters to shine, their place may not be looking down at the others anymore.
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Ok for those who don't know, I'm Nobody with a new character. But anyways, I've noticed recently that a lot of people are adding information to pages, before anything is official. Like if you look at the Dark Avengers they have a full roster of people and half of them have not been confirmed. Look at Iron Patriot, he already has a page and hasn't made one appearance yet. Now I understand the want to get the points and the pages added. But that could very well be a character that already has a page, or those members may be inaccurate and will only add confusion. I think there should be some rule or something that info can't be add to a page until after it has hit the stands. Maybe thats just me. Thoughts?


Its kinda dumb...

A series should have to continue without stopping to reach the higher numbers. It can't take breaks when it isn't as popular and then pick up where it left off.

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