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Marching to his own beat 0

Hawkeye is my favorite comic character. So it's no surprise that I wanted this comic really bad. I like this series so far - it's alot of action combined with Clint's smart-talk narrative, which I find to be really entertaining. The story really seems to pull you in and get you interested in where this gonna lead to. I really like to see Hawkeye out on his own, doing what he loves. I really enjoyed the going back-and-forth between him and Trace. If I had to pick one thing I liked the most about ...

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The Floating City 0

After the little bit of disappointment that I had following Issue 2, I was a little wary that I would be disappointed with this issue too. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed, not in the least bit. Hickman does a great job keeping your interest peaked, he always has something coming that you don't see. I know some people just wanted to see Hawkeye on his own, doing his thing - which I totally get and I wanted to see too - but I did enjoy seeing the Ultimate X team since I have never re...

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Monster Police 0

I don't know about anyone else, but I have always loved vampires and werewolves. So, needless to say, I was very excited to see this series coming out. Hopeless is a good write and he has a pretty good storyline going on here. It was another one of those where it comes to the end and I'm want to know more! One of the things I really liked was the art, because it was unlike any other comic book art I have seen before. My favorite part about this book would have to be the humor of it, they portray...

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I'm also sending you the Hulk. 0

I read the first one and thought Hickman did a great job at having this consistent with what was ongoing in the Ultimates, yet making it it's own story, if that makes sense to anyone. So I was excited to see what was going on with the SEAR scientist making the serum. But I was a little disappointed with how this issue turned out. I was a bit confused when they flashed back to him in prison because I'm not really sure what that had to do with it, so if anyone can explain that, please do. And then...

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Not the X-Men I knew as a child 0

I have never read a X-men comic before this one, so all the info I had on the X-Men (of both universes) was gained from cartoons and movies. But I wanted at least 2 ongoing(hopefully) series to read so I wasn't changing my pull list constantly. So since I am reading the Ultimates as well, I decided that X-Men would be the next best choice. I was pleasantly surprised at it. I like how Johnny Storm is an X-Men and holed up with Kitty and Bobby. The most interesting part to me would b finding out t...

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Come on September 26! 0

I didn't know what to expect when I read this, but it's easy to say that Hickman has my attention for good! I loved the first one and couldn't wait to read Issue 2. Hickman once again does a great job of weaving together the different scenarios that these guys are going through. Ribic's art is a great additive to this series, as it very clearly depicts what is happening. My only complaint would be that it to short and not enough of the story is given away, but I get that thy do that to keep you ...

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Great Pick! 0

I haven't been into comics for very long now and had been buying tons of back issues. Which is great....until you add up the totals. So to save money, I decided I would pick one or two series that sounded interesting to get into. Ultimate Comics :  The Ultimates #1 just happened to have come out the week before, so I thought heck, I'll get that and try it. And I have to say, this one really reached out from the pages and grabbed me. By the time I got to the end and saw "To be continued.....", I ...

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