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Yup!! Loving it. Headless horseman with shotgun=hell yeah!!!!

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Whoa dude you are pissed lol. I was almost that mad with what was done to my fav character hal during first justice league arc....turned him into complete jackass, like a opposite of his personality johns writes in his solo series. And I dont get this, why does the red lantern corps have a book while sinestro doesn't???? I mean I'd love to see a johns written sinestro/hal team-up book or just a sinestro corps sereis. I mean Sinestro is such an awesome and deep character he needs a solo series.....whew sorry went on a bit of a rant there lol

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ummm not sure what the league is gonna have to say about this

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Hal drops a mountain on him or nukes the area

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Hands down Lion Kings "can you feel the love tonight"

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Grave encounters 1 ( don't watch 2 its not as good). But this movie is legit creepy, very good movie. Its a found footage type, but its pretty good. Also the ring 1 is good

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lol. Well the thing is the premise of the show started with single sword. So I'm guessing a sword like kugo's that can double as quincy bow....and I hope we see hollow mask again lol

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Im a male and I'd like a bit more romance in my DC comics. Now I don't mean take it over but add a bit more tender moments and fluffy stuff without losing the main focus of the plot or it becoming more important than the main plot/conflict. I'd love to see more hal x carol stuff and aquaman x mera ( actually aquaman has had some really sweet romantic scenes with mera latley, loving that series lol).

Plus funny to mention, the majority of fanfiction I read is mostly romance lol. I read bleach romance, and Dc romance too....but for life of me can't find any good hal x carol or aquaman x mera ones lol.....but I don't want my comics turing into some dramatic soap opera, hell no lol

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Well I am a fan of the show ( but no brony lol, hell no haha). ANyway I'll give you an unbaised response ( I'm good at being unbaised). Pretty much to sum it up its just a good show. Its got likable characters that shockingly have personalitys regular people can relate to. If you were a 90s kid its a show similar to the good REAL disney shows from 90s, such as timon and pumba, aladdin etc.... And there are actually some legit funny moments in it, stuff that both kids and adults can enjoy. In essence yes its a kids show, but there are aspects of it that make it morre like a show like "batman the animated series". Meaning that yes it is a cartoon and was made for kids, but that does not mean it is limited only to kids. Take batman again, cartoon but yet loved by many adults and kids alike. So even though at first glance you'd think its a girlly show, its quite neutral. Meaning it has aspects that appeal to both kids and adults. Also its a very fun light-hearted show. Something that can cheer you up a bit if you feel a bit down, there aren't many shows like that today on tv lol.

So yeah I enjoy it. But I'm sure as hell not obsessed. No way am I wearing a MLP shirt or buying toys and stuff lol. I watch it for the same reason I read green lantern and watch bleach, for entertainment and its just fun....hope that answers your queston.