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i think if we are seeing the end of the x men can the y men be far behind to replace them?

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Nice biz cover!Wish for Lobo series now after seeing that.

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@Lurkero said:

You forgot to mention that only the first 13 episodes are good.

I enjoyed this series during the first arc, but the second arc turned me off quickly. I will check out the second season to see what happens, but I'm only giving a couple more episodes before I stop watching completely.

Tiger & Bunny was good while it lasted those 13 episodes so I will still recommend checking it out, but I wouldn't tell anyone to stick with it all the way through it.

As said on anime vice.. your opinion .Theirs more than 13 good episodes if you watch it as it is.Not what you want it to be.
I highly recommend  giving this show a chance. Its one i will own on dvd or blueray .Good cross over article Tom!Many a good anime title that is worth comic fans look .Its not a either or one can enjoy both.
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1st read to me was 
"Awsome orange juice Lex Luthor "
which you have to admit would be Awsome!An he kinda looks like hes in frozen orange juice armor...

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Yeah the economy might be part of it.But in general when theirs a down turn in the economy theirs a up turn in entertainment.Worse yet...
This manga sales around 125k per month.its gona shut down an go weekly for 99 cents a week.Funny any thing over 80k by the big two is considered a hit.An at least in the US their going digital .If the big two was smart ( an we know their not) they would tie in older digital comics with all kinds of things .From Captain America to Batman  dvds/bluerays  to even shirts just have a scratch off code an a web site to go to.
Dc is sorta getn the idea with some comics you get digital as well.Maybe theirs hope.But as a long term comic fan not only have i seen the comic industry shoot it self in the foot.. but reload an keep on shooting.
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Was just gona post that..
Answer: A good one.!_(TV_series)
Much could be learned from Superjail.
one could say ( donts sun glasses over regular glasses) its a winning idea....
  It would be crazy enuff in their i dont think the joker would ever want to leave.
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Um how much of those are counted for pc sales? Its not out on pc for a few weeks.
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@Or35ti said:

Nice! Has anyone noticed how comics are rising in nearly every form of media? Seriously, the Avengers and the Dark Knight Rises are probably the two most hyped films of 2012, the Walking Dead just broke a record in viewership last week and now Batman: Arkham City is selling like crazy! Now if only more people would buy actual comics.

My thoughts exactly. People keep pointing at the movies stuff and saying that comics are doing better than ever but, with the exception of some of DC's relaunch stuff, that really isn't the case. Even with the relaunch, I really don't think it will be either. However, with publishers embracing digital distribution, that might change.

i guess me and Jeff at Giant Bomb are alone in thinking that the Catwoman stuff in Arkham City was a little less than great. She doesn't feel different enough to me except in the way you move through the city with her, which was more annoying than anything, I thought. I like her inclusion, but I wish she had felt less like a faster version of Batman and more like her own thing.

Its a combination of things. Many still remember 1 buck comics.Not thinking what that was as a % of the average wage then.Plus 20 pages for 4 bucks turns off alot of people.Tho trades an hard bounds can be a much better value ,people just see it as a money sink. Not as a hobby.At least in north america. Comics in other areas are doing quit well.if you count world wide manga sales.
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@pgizinski said:

This was originally supposed to be a Batman story. DC cancelled the idea, for good reason.

No they did not.That is wrong.Miller story changed an he seen it was not a batman story any more.
"Schreck also spoke a bit about Frank Miller's "Holy Terror," a book that originally began as a Batman story inspired by the events of September 11, 2001. "It did start as a Batman book," Shcreck confirmed. "DC was not afraid of publishing it, it's just, at a certain point, Frank just decided this was no longer a Batman book."
An he was right.Its more punisher-ish than batman-ish.After just now reading the book all i can say is any one who has took brush to paper should see the anger an sadness in many of the ink work.Many things were changed so it was not a bat man story or to creepy reap some gain from 911. 

To all the people who are calling miller a racist .Thank the brave men an women who help defend your right to say it every day.Because i thank them every day that i do not have to take what you say seriously. 

 To those who call racist at the drop of a hat i would say shame on you.But im old enuff to know shame is one of the many things your lacking.So why bother eh?
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@Marshal Victory said:

Um the ultimate x men cover. could be forced perspective an the colors used but..he left for arm looks shroter than her right.

Wow good point...but not really, my 1st complaint i they made a high schooler look like a 5th grader

 "Wow good point" except shes a bartender to how many high schoolers you know tend bar?Could be cause she is a   College Graduate  

Valid point on the looking way younger than she should be tho.Well minus the snark that is.
Tho seems to be from looking at the images a trend to make her look younger an younger.Which i do not like.Cause its creepy .Rather have her look her age like. ..
College Graduate

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Um the ultimate x men cover. could be forced perspective an the colors used but..he left for arm looks shroter than her right.