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@the_psyentist: "No human can judge another based on their perception of morality. That's for a higher being. Higher than even us." Markus said solemnly. He never really spoke of his faith with Alexandra too much, feeling it would lead only to arguments, but this instance of sincerity was not born of a desire to provoke, enlighten or convert; merely honesty.

"It will be lovely to see more of you too, Doctor. So few beings can I call upon to give me worthwhile conversation. The majority of my underlings are nothing but bloodthirsty cretins. While I do not believe in siring another kindred myself, I will always regret not coercing another into turning Sartre into a vampire. Now there was someone worth talking to." Markus began to trail of, his centuries of existence caused moments of deep introspection, it came with the territory of being so old. Every now and then he would be lost in such a thought.

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@_spider_man_: True, true. Especially with the amount of writing I do in my off-time.

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@the_psyentist: "Well, if there is one thing that distinguishes me from my kin, it's that I am able to be in two places at once." A shadow appeared in front of them, taking on a silhouette resembling Markus' form. He smirked at his somewhat bad joke.

"Any chance to spend more time with my friend is a chance worth taking. Is there anywhere that I need to make note of inside these halls? The library? Your bedroom?" Now his trademark grin had returned, though while it was usually a sign of perversion or maleficent intent, this was merely a reflection of the good humour he expressed while in the company of Alexandra.

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@the_psyentist: "Quite right." Markus said, regarding the Doctor's self-analysis. He chuckled as she offered him a drink; "I'm fine, thank you. I had an air hostess on the flight over."

"It is my privilege to be considered your friend, Doctor." Markus smiled gently, a stark contrast to his trademark insidious grin. The smile dissipated however as his brow furrowed and a stern expression appeared on his countenance.

"I apologise for all the business talk, but before I make myself too comfortable, I need to know what you ask of me. Would you like political pressure from the Sabbat? Or are we expecting more open combat? Or should I just break this so-called Black Queen? I do so love a challenge."

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@_spider_man_: Haha :P

I have an idea for a hero character to use on my main account. Thinking of making him just insufferably noble. Like Silverbolt in Beast Wars or the classic Silver Age Superman archetype to the nth degree.

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@the_psyentist: Markus allowed himself to be led by the "aberration" that he had grown fond of. He sat opposite her as they descended to the nearby couch.

"I see. Petty powers plays are so terribly human. Alliteration and victory by attrition are the way of the Vampire. But joking aside, I am well, my dear. I have spoken to my superiors about you. Through some choice vernacular on my part and a surprising amount of understanding on theirs, we have come to the conclusion that you are not a an abnormal Cainite. Rather, you're simply another being that calls yourself Vampire. Please take no offense to this, it's a compromise that has allowed me to retain my position and the Sabbat to let you be."

A shadow-form rose appeared in Langbourn's hand and he offered it to the Doctor, as he had done during their first meeting. This was a purely platonic gesture, he had compared Alexandra to a black rose once before, and he had recreated the gesture in order to reassure her of who she was.

"I'm sorry that things have been rather tumultuous for you, my friend. I am sure they will be sorted out soon. Trifling with Doctor Steele is not a wise decision for any being."

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@the_psyentist: Markus bowed before Alexandra and took her hand in his; kissing it gently. This was as much a show of propriety as affection, as anyone who knew Markus would have realised. He did so hate rudeness, particularly during greetings.

"I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me, dear Doctor. I'm glad to see that isn't the case." Markus surveyed the stunning interior of the illustrious club. It was everything one would imagine from the most wealthy and indulgent of self-interested parties. A triumph of hedonism. A renaissance of decadence. Markus felt at home.

"Quite a sight. Next to you of course, it's merely bricks and mortar though. Now, my lovely friend, tell me precisely what you require of me."

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In his prouder moments, the Archbishop of the Sabbat may have felt somewhat emasculated that he had jumped to aid his friend upon her call, but he quickly buried that egotism and made his way to Paris. He always hated France. Perhaps it was his centuries-old English blood... Actually, no perhaps, that was it. Since Langbourn had survived the entirety of the Hundred Years' War, his hatred for the nation was a bit more justified than was usual. He held no ill toward the people mind you, just the soil. Nevertheless, he would bury this disdain for the time being. He was taking a sabbatical (get it?) from his duties as Archbishop in order to assist the good Doctor, getting hung up on old prejudices was just foolish. And to be fair, there were some very nice tailors to be found in France. Markus' limousine pulled up and he stepped out into the warm Parisian sun. Dressed in a full garb, almost like a burka, the Vampire walked toward the entrance to the infamous club.

"All of this hubbub about a title of "White Queen". Clearly no one from this, what was it? Hellfire Club? How melodramatic. Regardless, none of its members seem to play Chess. The Queen always dies early. But what of the pawn, the piece no one considers, that all think expendable? The pawn that makes it to the end becomes all powerful, while the rest of the board is laid to waste."

Markus was content to assume the role of pawn, at least for the moment.

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The thing is, unlike comic fans, moviegoers won't shell out $12 for mediocrity. Movies that are "not too bad" won't bring in big bucks at the box office, and that's why all of those movies failed. The Prince of Persia and Conan movies weren't terrible by any means, but they weren't better than average either. Why pay for a movie you're not desperate to see when you can watch it for free in 2-3 years on TV?

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@Ren_: (Hugs)