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@the_psyentist:"Glad to be here. Though I must admit to experiencing something of a disappointment..." Markus perused his friend's form, from her golden locks to her high heeled shoes. "If you're the White Queen, does that mean you won't wear black?" Markus snickered.

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Sigh, my banner is so awesome.

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@the_psyentist: Markus smiled devilishly as his friend spoke. "I see. Well that is intriguing. Perhaps I'll have a look around while I'm here." The Archbishop gestured to a nearby attendee and informed them that he would be staying at the Hellfire Club indefinitely.

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@the_psyentist: "So very true." Markus nodded in agreement, before throwing his hands together in an exuberant fashion. "Now tell me, what does one do for fun in this Club?"

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@the_psyentist: "Much the same as they always are. We operate in the shadows, taking over more and more of what is never seen. With so many secret societies and super-powered individuals flooding the new world, it is difficult for us to operate as we once did. Should subterfuge not work, we have little to fall back on now, brute force is not nearly as effective as it once was."

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@the_psyentist:"Stress mightn't, but despair could. Be sure to not live only for your dreams, Doctor, especially those that hinge on changing this world. Though we may walk as gods amongst humans, this is their planet.Transient guests are we." Markus leaned back in the couch, placing his arms along the spine, before crossing his right leg over his left.

"I'm so glad that when we catch up we are able to avoid the maudlin and simply enjoy one-another's company" he said dryly.

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@the_psyentist: "Revelation is marked by mystery, eternal happiness by suffering". Markus ran his right hand through his hair. "My dear friend, thou art so cynical for one so young." He teased Alexandra with this remark, knowing that his age was the sole considerable advantage he had over her; he enjoyed playing it up. "I do hope you find some way to have fun with all of this. What's the point of living forever if you spend your life in a state of vexation?"

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@the_psyentist:"Heh, I'm glad you enjoy my ravings." Markus smiled, talking to Alexandra was always a unique experience. Her ability to adapt to trauma meant that she was always growing, and you would see a new version of her every time you spoke with her. "Perhaps... But we live in a world where people fly and crush stone with their hands. Where aliens and cybernetic organisms battle for control of sentient cities. The strange and the absurd are commonplace. There is beauty in the mundane. I've stared directly at a solar eclipse as a flying man battled a green, amorphous creature that fired energy beams. But that is a memory that I retain because it was recent. The most extraordinary moment of my existence has been, and I suspect will always remain, when a young woman named Katerina looked me in the eye and said "yes, I will"."

Markus was facing the Doctor, but he looked past her as he spoke. He was watching his past unfold in front of him.

"I apologise, I do not mean to lecture you. That was not my intent, I just hope that in living a life as grandiose as yours, you always remember that even the most quiet of times can be the most amazing."

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"You'll be old enough soon enough. The unfortunate thing about living as long as we do is that we must endure all of the lows as well as the highs. Let me just say that World War 2 was not our finest time. But at least humanity learned... For all of twelve minutes. Then came the Cold War. Honestly, people complain about the Dark Ages, but at least we weren't trying to decimate the entire planet with nuclear weapons. Sorry, I'm rambling again, that also comes with age." He chuckled. It was nice talking to a fellow immortal. Not to disparage human life too much, it meant more than any vampires because it ended, but it was also interesting to talk to one who views history as it was; transient. Nothing lasts except for immortals. But even they will die. There were rumours of an immortal hunter in the United States. Some deranged avenger believing himself an emissary of the one true Death.

"Life is strange" Markus mused aloud. It lacked profundity and eloquence, but the statement was nevertheless completely true.