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Very sad to see how poorly Parker was treated with this, and it's not surprise that it hasn't been his best work. Why write something good when no one cares? I know how much you were enjoying the original Parker run on Thunderbolts, so I'm sorry that it's fizzled so badly.

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The Verdict

ALL NEW X-MEN is one of my favorite on-going series here, and I'm not even a big X-Men fan.

Yeah, this is kind of the reason why you're enjoying it. 
X-Men fans (those with an IQ in triple digits) should realize how pitiful, lazy and offensive this series is.
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The cover on its own is enough to justify self-immolation.

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@lykopis: Well, it's been particularly apparent in the modern era that comic writerss view themselves as some kind of intellectual, historical and creative authority on the various characters they are writing. One only needs to look at Jonathan Hickman's and Tom Brevoort's formspring to see that they feel any character they personally do not like does not deserve to be written about. Dan Slott and Steve Wacker go on tirades on forums to chastise readers who do not enjoy their work as "they know more about Spider-Man than they ever will". Geoff Johns has taken it upon himself to decide how the DCU should be produced. 
There is this idea prevailing amongst most "new-generation" writers that the audience should be grateful that they are able to read their words. Comics writers are producing comics they want to read, and the "Others" are just lucky enough to be able to read their work. The reader is a sheep that the writer can herd with its brilliance.
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Not to diminish the overwhelming sexism involved, but I like that Frank also refers to the reader as "them" and that such gratuity will sexually excite "them" to a strong degree. 
Kind of sums up the wonderful "Other" nature of the comic reader and the comic writer quite well.