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Can we bring Blade back? Let's do that!

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Batman, Daredevil, Zero

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@astro_zombie78: I fully endorse this series. Each issue stands alone, is action packed, and totally satisfying. I understand it's hard to commit to things these days comics aren't getting any cheaper but Zero delivers.

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Issue 9 out next week, gotta have it!

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I was just going through my collection of the Complete Case files for 2nd time around and I thought about how many great artists have worked on the strip. I was hoping to open a discussion in which someone might state their favorite artist and some reasons why or memorable progs that sort of thing.

I'll start it off. For my money it's Brian Bolland. I love the crazed and hilarious expressions of his characters. I feel his art exemplifies the lunacy of a Mega-City resident. His work is full of life and action in addition to being technically sublime.

I may post again about my favorite Bolland stories since I'm rereading I'll be more well versed in about a week or so, but The Land Race Prog 47 double page spread just makes me laugh, especially the part where that guy says, "Yeah, stake that claim baby!" Thanks Brian.

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Still don't understand the whole Thor thing...I know most of this will revert in a couple of months of years,but I just dont.....

Also the new cap suit everything about it looks awful..

That Cap suit looks so awkward. Needs a bit more work, those pouches on his belt are getting in the way. I also don't like the upper shoulders Secret Avengers look. Red goggles and that weird V-mask thing with his hair coming out the top, not even Gambit does that anymore.

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I'm a Capullo guy. As a fan of horror he gives me the shivers, and draws things that make me uncomfortable and I applaud that ability. He places Batman in environments that I find terrifying, situations that are scary. In the face of this his Batman's resolve is tested but never fears though I may fear for him. I'm compelled to witness his bravery with a sense of awe. Batman #5 illustrates this perfectly. I see myself in the same situation as I read on and see no possible way out. Capullo show me the way. He says "Look, don't give up. Go further. Think. Try harder." I view it as a source of inspiration, we are all tested and I think it's the strength of our convictions that will see us through.

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It's so highly stylized how could it possibly be realistic? Honestly how could anything involving Batman be viewed as realistic? It's a comic book! If Batman were truly realistic nobody would enjoy it, the idea of a Batman in reality is sad or even pathetic. But on the comic page it is something great and entertaining. Though realism may be an element Batman tales may touch upon, we don't want it to be realistic. As fans of comic books we must understand and come to terms with this.

That said, I cannot vote on this poll. My vote would be no, however I disagree that Batman Earth One is a parody. Therefore I find the poll itself be a form of loaded question.

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so angela is thors sister , thor is now woman and falcon is captain america

what the hell are you smoking marvel ?!

this, also there's nothing superior about that getup.

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yep, looks like an evil robot.