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Road to Perdition would be up there.

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Well, with WB in charge of everything can work to their advantage. Every single DC character CAN appear in the same movie universe (Whether or not they will, remains to be seen.) As of right now, Marvel cannot have a movie with Iron man, Captain America, The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. And that doesn't look like it's going to change for a long time, if ever.

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One thing I'll always feel the need to correct..DC and Marvel DO NOT compete with each other in the movies category. Neither DC or Marvel has much, if any say in which movies get made. (So people saying "DC won't make a Wonder Woman movie, is incorrect, DC has no control over that.) That "battle" is between WB and Disney. Those movie studios will decide which movies get made, who is cast in them, what the story will be,etc...and both WB and Disney (or Sony/Fox) are more concerned with their movie's marketability overall, not just the super-hero genre. The DC vs Marvel in the movies, I feel exist ONLY in places like this board. Same with video games. I don't think either company has much pull there either.

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The ticking clock cliche,sucky CGI Lizard with a moronic master plan, Spidey gets demasked AGAIN,(WTF?)everything originating from Oscorp, Peter lying to a dying Captain Stacy, beating Oscorp security by sneaking away from the tour(?)...And nr 2 was worse...

Wow... why does de masking bother you guys so much?

I actually like the de-masking. Now, it doesn't happen in the comics very often, which does bother me. (mildly) It has to be hot/stuffy and hard to breathe in that thing. In fact, sometimes I'm bothered that Parker has that type of mask. My main gripe with this film, which I overall enjoyed, was the villain. I liked the CGI, and didn't think it was "crappy" at all. In fact, I think the fight scenes looked better than fight scenes that are nothing more than choreographed dances. However, Connor knew from his own experience that the Lizard-changing formula was temporary. So, his plan was to make a bunch of New Yorkers into Lizards for one day? What was that going to accomplish?

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I think many of these go back to who "appealed" to you when you first read comics. In the 70's, the first title that really appealed to me was "The Legion of Super-heroes" (Back then "Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes.") Teen age heroes 1000 years hence. How unique! I first got into Marvel in the early 80's with Frank Miller's Daredevil. At that same time, Marvel also had the Claremont/Byrne X-Men. DC had the O'Neal/Adams run on GL and Batman, and the Englehart/Rogers run Detective, but not much else. Marvel, at that time, was doing a good job with about 3/4 of their I knew Marvel was better, but still had a soft spot for DC, because they got me into comics. Shortly thereafter, a funny thing happened. Lots of that Marvel talent began to work for DC. Miller was doing Batman stuff, Wolfman and Perez started their Titans run, Byrne followed up with his Superman run a few years later. Gerry Conway, who had created The Punisher and killed Gwen Stacey, went to Batman and created Killer Croc and Jason Todd. Keith Giffen started helping out with my beloved Legion of Super-Heroes and he and Paul Levitt did a great run on that book for 5 years. Now, DC actually was better (though Marvel still had better sales figures, but the gap was closing.) Since my soft spot for DC as still there, AND they were better, it was clear to me, DC was the choice. It stayed that way for close to ten years. My mindset was now fully formed. For Marvel to overtake DC for me, Marvel would have to increase their quality exponentially, and DC would have to tank it completely. Neither has happened.

Then..funny thing part 2: The 90's came along, and both companies took a nose-dive. Now it was like choosing the lesser of two evils. Both had some good stuff in the 90's, but neither was consistent.

Today: I get more DC titles than Marvel by a 2:1 margin. if I rated each series, and averaged it out, I actually like my Marvel titles slightly more over the past 6 months to a year. This is not enough for me to change my allegiance.

But like I said, I think it goes back to when you started. If the first book to really capture my imagination was Thor or Captain America or The Avengers, I'd probably be a Marvel guy today.

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Hulk is the strongest there is! Never mind issue 4 of Hulk where they state he's fighting against someone stronger than he is. (Abomination.) Hmm..someone stronger? Guess that means his strength isn't "unlimited" either.

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My 2 cents.."They give Batman 50 books" that's entirely DC's fault. Now, while it's true no one makes them do that, they bear some of the responsibility. (Or credit if one thinks it's a good thing.) But, have you seen the sales? The comic-buying public must take 50% (at least) of the blame..(or credit) here. DC is merely giving us what we want. Quit buying Bat-books, i guarantee you they'll stop making them.

As for the race stuff..see above..looks like it's all been said.

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I must be the only one that likes Robinson's take on the FF? I mean, we have Marvel's first family, arguably the most important team book of all time, with arguably the best villains, and it can't outsell a couple of gimmicky/unoriginal characters like Deadpool and Carnage? All is not right in the comic-world.