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A short review 0

In the first american film of one of my favorite directors,  Edgar Wright , brings the tale of a love. I think the movie lived up the hype that was aiming and its one of my fav movie of this year. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) a young man who is a loser (no job, no house, no respect for the other exes he had) and a A-hole. As we see in the movie we see Pilgrim asuming responsability of his past mistakes in process to earn the love of a mysterios new girl named Ramona Flowers.The action sequ...

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father vs son 0

In this issue we see   Skaar vs I break it like this pro: great dialogue, with a lot of emotion. All of it was just great. con: I want to see more. especially in the last panel. Damm, it was great.  so I give it: 6/5 yeah its so great. Its a must buy....

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More progress isnt equal a good comic 0

This edition of WWE Heroes was less painful than the last issue. Finally we get more action than before but the dialogue is simply bad. It’s like was written by wrestling bookers (writers).   The art isn’t that good either this due to the inaccuracy in some of the wrestlers there some elbow pads, wrist bands and some tats that are missing.  The undertaker tats on his arms are missing, big mistake or lazyness on the creative team. Shawn Michael’s religion was good even if is presenting it as a b...

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Hope have come with some sacrifice 0

 The sacrifice of one person brings them together in this issue. The good: The X-Men expressing their goodbye to Kurt was great. Especially Logan’s, was the only one I felt honest and real. The other was the typical thing that people say. The art is good, like how Beast look so angry wanting to rip Scotts head. Other part of this issue that I liked was one of Logan having blood in his hands, now that’s emotion. The bad: I wanted more. I felt this issue very short of what I wanted to read a...

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A review 0

This was my pick for the free comic book day. The art isn’t one of my favorite but sometimes looks good and something a little weird. The story starts off as Thor, the god thunder, having some problems with the nature in different part of the world.  Iron Man aka Tony Stark meets up with group of billionaire people who have a moon resort. Both Iron Man and Thor go to the moon resort where the people are something like Stark’s pre Iron Man sort of attitude. The story goes fast really fast but i...

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Bring some light 0

 Blackest night passed and the light came. Here’s Brightest Day #1.   We see a good reference to the Sword in the stone story using it in a great way.   I’m liking more Sinestro. He simply steals every panel his at. For me this issue brings me more questions that will be answered on the following issues. Aquaman and Mera were kicking some ass but some former Black Lanterns have problems that are worth seeing out. Some cameo are good to see. The art is still good. The dialogue is good, fun.   But...

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A interesting view of Terminator 0

 The story brings us Klye Resse as a leader on the resistance, he got some screen time. Also we got a couple (Paige & Ben). They bring us a view that’s interesting due to the “normal people perspective”. Resse met a interesting character who’s crazy but it’s willing to sacrifice a lot of people. The dialogue was entertaining, felt it real. The art was nothing bad but the old man gave me some problems but the end gave a good surprise.  If you are fan of the terminator comics or want to see m...

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a missed opportunity 0

Agh, where I can start? First off all the premice of the hybrid of both alien and predator was great but bad used. The movie have some avarage acting but fun to see ... well its not so fun ... the way some of them die. You know what dont see it. Read what happend in the movie in wikipedia or if u have the bravery to see rent....

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The great add on 0

 For those who read the watchmen novel "Under the hood" was a good thing. The story telling is good. The visual are great, have that retro look that a 80's show would look like. I found it very interesting and fun to see. If someone want to see more of the watchmen universe this is a must see.    ...

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One of the greatest animated movies ever 0

 Persepolis is just great. One of the great thing of this movie is the story which is rich on it.  The movie is a autobiography of this young Iran woman named Persepolis from being a kid to the women she is at the present time. The art is entertaining, I loved the black and white use on this film gave it a different touch. It have one of the best dialogue I saw, very mature and real. But the interesting part was the learning part that the film has due to the time lapse and the events that occurr...

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more fake than wreslting 0

 I’m a pro-wrestling fan since I was born, and also love comics. This two never quite make the connection but WWE bring a confusing tale of their wrestlers with some war thing with magic in their first edition of “WWE Heroes”. From a moment we are in this part and in the other we are in other part. I got confused very quickly. The art doesn’t help any much. They cover some tats on some wrestlers like Batista, Undertaker. If you are a really really really really fan of wwe buy it. If you are sear...

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A review on spanish 0

Sorry about being on spanish but I wrote it on my tumblr page so heres the review: Kick Ass esta brutal se acabo el review… Aun así debo de escribirle de lo que es la película. Basada en el comic del mismo nombre, trae la primicia de un joven, que según el su único poder es ser invisible a las chicas, que se mete a vigilante (son superhéroes sin poderes) y se vuelve famoso. Mientras en el camino Kick-Ass conoce a Big Daddy, Hit Girl y a Red Mist en lo que se vuelve en una lucha contra la mafia. ...

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Clash of the titans or just one man? 0

 well clash of titans … saw it, not that great. I recommend it if there no other movie or if u are in a lazy sunday. The movie was very fast, the duration of it supposedly is 1 hour with 40 minutes, but for me was a hour. The movie remind me a lot of God of War in a lot of scenes. sam worthington have the same character has in the other movies, I want to see him in a different role. Liam Nelson and Ralph Fiennes have good actions but Hades remind me of Ares (God of War). I saw it on the 2D versi...

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A review 0

 Being puertorican hype so much to be a comic set in Puerto Rico so I went to buy it. The story was more of the same. The chupacabras, really, really? But the art was entertaining knowing the artist Tom ____ (I forgot the last name). The story is short goes directly to the problem, resolves it and gave a teaching about Puerto Rico. It’s good for a one shot and some parts of our couture are not present it as is it like the “Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian” and the cameo of former governor Aniba...

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a short review 0

 we know that Jason really sucks. The characters have some holes in his bio. Why if he downed how the heck he survived. But going to the movie, is a really good summary of all the decent FT13, not bringing all the details and supernatural thing. Explains well how he got the mask and the some of the reason he's killing. The movie has some sex scene that I will never be fan of it. I find it like filler. I didn’t like the end of it, cause brings the hope of a sequel that it’s not necessary. ...

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the Unnecessary sequel 0

 Really the tone of the movie is lower it in a fast way. Some of the dialogue was dumb well also the story was dumb. I licked the first 2 movies. Both are great storytelling movies but this one you can skip it and will not affect u at all. L didn’t have a challenge.  Try to find it in the blockbuster use the internet to rent it    ...

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a failed atempt 0

The movie have a lot of flaws like The comedy - was just wrong and dumb. Like the dogs humping each other. The twins.  More human less robots - whats the movie named? oh yeah transformers  The fallen - so much hype for a few minutes fighting. A big meh the militaries - why need the robots if at the end they destroyed a lot of robots.  The blue ray edition -  for me a ps3 game look better.  good thing the cars - was great VO - the voice overs are great  if u like it tell me and if u don't tell me...

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Review of the movie 0

First of all the movie was fun great. The animation was a lil different but it can be passed but what cant be passed its the VO. For example Batman's voice. He didn't sound like a menace, he sounded like a drunky Balwin Brother. Moving on the story was well written and Wonder Women kicked ass. She was on the movie, and take more role on it. The ending was great making a open ending and a definited one.   PS Kevin Conroy IS Batman, just saying...

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