Spiderman Alternative costume for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension

Marvel.com finally unveil the alternative costume for the different part of the game: amazing noir 2009 

 Noir: Cosmic

Amazing: Scartlet 
Amazing Spiderman: Cosmic 

      Ultimate spiderman: cosmic
Noir: Cosmic
 spiderman 2099: Armored spider  

Spiderman 2099: Cosmic 

Spiderman 2099: iron spider 


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4 de julio

ese dia tiene una connotacion super diferente a la de los estados unidos. todo esto es por que mi abuela fallecio ese dia. El cigarrillo la mato

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some ideas

I love movies but some characters are dumb like superman how would someone would be a hero if is dressing like that. Dont they have a costume deparment on the movie? if they have sups, gave him a great challenge like parasite, doomsday & lex too 

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