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NOTE: Don't be fooled by my new file, I've been around since Comicvine version one. Here's my old account (that I lost the password to).
INFO: Queen of the Oceans, Erika Mackenzie, is the the spirit of a human infused with water, and can take on the look of a human, fish, or mermaid.
HT: 5'7"
WT: 128 lbs.
AGE: 22 


Early Years

 Please can I swim for five more minutes?
Born and raised in a stable home Erika Mackenzie grew up like any regular girl who was obsessed with the water. Traveling with her father, a fisherman on the West Coast, whenever she could, Erika learned how to sail a ship and perform all the tasks aboard a ship. After school each day, she would walk to a nearby Aquarium, where her mother worked, and would help out where help was needed. Learning the names of all the aquatic animals, she named each one, and swam with them, even the dangerous ones like sharks. Not once did any creature come close to attacking her, even the most wild ones. Rising in fame, people from all over the globe would visit and take pictures with the girl who had no fear.


 Don't hit the water...!

Leaving middle school and entering high school, Erika was getting ready for her first day. Getting out of the bathtub she dressed herself in a short sleeved shirt, with a shark picture on the front, and a knee length skirt. Grabbing a hair dryer, she plugged it in and turned on the switch. Not thinking about her footing, she slipped on a wet spot on the floor, lost her balance, and tumbled back into the tub. She watched what seemed like slow motion as the plugged in hair dryer hit the water. Her body was electrocuted within seconds, shorting out the power to the house. Rising from their bed, her parents rushed in to the bathroom.


 Emergency is coming!

Unmoving underwater with her eyes open, Erika had a shocked look on her face. Unplugging the hair dryer and rushing to her aid, her parents grabbed hold of her and pulled her out of the water. Checking for a pulse, they found none, and her mother gave her CPR. Her father called 911 from the home phone and medics arrived within minutes. Entering the bathroom and seeing her body, the medics already knew that she was dead, but checked just to be sure. They were correct, Erika Mackenzie, sixteen years old, had died from electric shock in her bathtub. Medics took her body and secured it in the back of an ambulance. Taking the route back to the hospital, the ambulance hit a puddle of water as it was crossing a bridge, hydroplaned for a short distance, and the driver temporarily lost control.


 I'm alive!? Underwater!?

Opening the back doors and shaking Erika's lifeless body loose, her body fell out of the ambulance and off of the bridge they were on. Landing in a raging river, her body was carried out of sight before the medics realized what had happened. Dumping her into the water, her body sunk down to the ocean floor. As time passed, her body decayed away, consumed by underwater animals and rotting away. A mere skeleton after weeks, one organ of her body remained, her heart. It had been untouched and was not rotting away. One life changing day an electric eel swam by her, and accidentally touched her heart with its tail. Sending a jolt of electricity through her heart, it began to pump again. Water swirled around her body, removing all of her rotting flesh and clearing the surrounding area. Something strange started to happen, the water made an outline around her body, one that was humanoid. Slowly, the water around her transformed, into skin. Inside her body, her organs and muscles were rebuilt, until her naked body was restored to what it looked like before she had been killed. An air bubble left her lips, and her eyes opened.


 A warm welcome?

Amazed that she was alive, Erika felt different, and soon came to the realization that she had control of water to a limited extent, including turning herself into water. She also found that her lungs could breathe in water like air. Playing around with her new powers, she thought of her parents, about how sad they must have been at her death. Erika knew what to do, surprise them with her new life! Naked, she used some sea shells to cover herself up and walked home. Sneaking in to her room and getting properly dressed, Erika left her room and knocked on her front door. Answering the door was her mother, who was shocked at the sight. Her father heard the shock, and came to the door. Telling her parents that she was alive, Erika went to hug her parents when she felt the door close on her face. Opening it slowly, her father told her that their daughter was dead, and that he didn't want to see her ghost ever again. From that moment on her life was changed, her family would no longer accept her. Filled with anger, she watched as all the fire hydrants on the street exploded with water. Feeling like an outcast, she went back to the place where she would now call home, the ocean.

Life Underwater

I am, Mantoid.

Living the the oceans of the world, she spoke with every sea creature she could find, finding out that some were friendly and others were not so friendly. Forgetting about the world above, she forgot about her humanity, taking the form of a mermaid or fish. Her entire view changed a few years later, when she saw a man fall off of a boat and struggle to swim. Returning to her human form, she felt the feeling that she was only partly human, the same feeling when she had first returned from the dead. Saving the man with her powers by making a wave to throw him back on the boat, Erika decided that she would try to interact with the world on dry land again. She walked onto the shore and bought some clothes with a gold piece from a sunken treasure, ready to see what the world was like now. She needed, a name, and what she decided on was the name she had named her first pet fish, Mantoid.

Dark Influence

 You will drown in my waters.

Finding herself wandering around the streets of a city she was not familiar with, Erika entered into a coffee shop. Little did she know, there were dark forces at work, a man named Aztek. He approached her and asked if he could take a seat at her table, since all the other tables were full. Mantoid agreed. They talked for a short while, and the topics they were chatting about changed to the subject of where Erika was living. She said that she was looking for a place to stay, and the dark man gave her an invitation to join the Vine Villains. Mantoid accepted, and became a villain. Little did she know that the human part of her that was left would not be able to handle the darkness for long.

Change of Heart

 The world needs heroes...

Unable to mercilessly kill people with her water powers any longer, Mantoid resigned from the Vine Villains and underwent a change of heart. She regretted all the evil that she had done, and to make up for it, wanted to be a hero. Feeling like she could do more good being a team player, Mantoid searched around for teams, until finding a particular one led by an electrical leader. It was here that she found out her weakness to electricity. She had left this world by electricity, came back through electricity, and would leave again through electricity. The team was Mobb Deep, with members Kurrent, Acer, Sha, Ripcord, Primavera, and Alpha Guard. Together she learned how to be a hero and faced great adventures with her team, until it disbanded. Leaving, she met a man who would make a huge impact on her life, Demetrius, also known as the Spartan. Embarking on many memorable quests, she remembered most the battle in the gladiator arena on a different planet, where she had been abducted by Crassians and forced to fight in the games. After that, she started to get in a more serious relationship with Demetrius and one day she vanished.


 Nothing can keep a hero down.

Gone without reason for nearly two years, Mantoid woke up one day on the sandy beach of Hawaii. Dazed, she tried to remember what had happened, but could only remember faint traces of her memories. Walking into the town, she asked what day it was. The surfer told her the date, and the year. Speechless, Erika looked at herself, and wondered where her two years had gone. What had become of Demetrius? Mantoid tried to remember all the times they were together, but could hardly remember more than a few short moments. Confused and saddened, she went back to the waters and waited for her memories to return. But they never did, in fact, she waited for months, and nothing become clearer in her mind. Making up her mind, she decided that she was a different person now, not the same woman she once was. It was time to start over, and forget about the past. Time to return to being a hero.

Champions of Peace

 This lifeguard is on duty!

Returning to the world of dry land, she quickly was asked to join a new super hero team, the Champions of Peace, one that had a large roster of crime fighting champions. Accepting, Mantoid now watches over the underwater facilities underneath Champion Island. Since her return, still having lost memories, she has found that her power over water has increased greatly. Now she is able to visualize and manipulate any and all water on the Earth, regardless of the distance from her, although the more complexity she uses the more strain it puts on her mind. Mantoid is a hero.



  • Mantoid can manipulate water all around the world and even out into space.
  • Can control water at the molecular level (there are approx. 1 x 10^18 molecules of water in a single water drop).
  • Has enough stamina to endure complex water manipulation for large quantities of water for hours before tiring.
  • Knows all that occupies water, be it fish, boats, or sunken treasure.
  • Can transform her body into water on reflex, making it impossible to hurt her without exploiting her weakness.
  • Able to change the viscosity of water, making it thicker or thinner.
  • Can control water molecules motion, enabling her full control over ice, water, and steam.
  • Has the ability to make a water figure and give it skin, then allow a fish to pilot the body onto land.
  • Also can reform her body with water and disguise herself however she wants (human, mermaid, fish, etc.).



  • A shock to her system, whether in the form of a normal human or dispersed as water, hurts her greatly and can cause her to be wounded physically.


  • Her mind is built up to protect to a small degree against telepathy, but a moderately skilled practitioner will be able to enter her into her head.

Balance of Land and Water

  • Must balance her time on land and water. Too much time spent on land deprives her of her water power and begins to kill her, while too much time spent in the Ocean takes away from the human part of her, turning her more violent, and would eventually take away her human form.