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X-23 100%
You are in for a wild time. X-23 has the stamina to keep going and going. Rough and wild, don't get on her bad side or she might pop a couple claws into ya.
Silent but deadly, Batgirl is likely to knock you out if you try to put the moves on her. Oh, and she doesn't talk... hardly ever. Is that cool?
Lyja is from out of town...way out of town. Lyja has definitely been around the block...and the galaxy. With her shape-shifting abilities, she can give you a night you'll never forget. Hope you like the color green.
   Donna Troy
Donna Troy has had many different lives. That could translate into lots of experience.
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Hellion/X-23 FanFiction Stories!

The BEST Story Ever! If You Like Laura & Hellion This Is For You!
I Read This 4 Times Already & Cant Stop!

1: Rescue & Redemption

After the mansion is attacked and Hellion leads his team to their doom he has left the institute and started working for his parents as their “fixer” w/ his powers he goes and sabotages other peoples (stark industries) projects and makes a lot of money for his parents but they still don’t acknowledge him as one of the family.

In his spare time he tires to be a superhero to try to redeem himself for what he did to his friends but when he discovers a underground prostitution brothel w/ girls who are being kept there against their will by powerful mutants w/ far greater powers than his. He meets a girl who he falls for but who wont trust him, how can he save them if he is only one man w/ no one to turn to, can he get the x-men to help or will they attack him for his turncoat ways.

2: Sniff

Laura has become obsessed w/ Hellion after he saves her life when Nimrod nearly killed her, she finds a shirt of his and gets a wiff of his scent, she is hooked she finds his smell intoxicating and he decides to start a relationship w/ her which he constantly messes up

Sniff 2

After her and Hellion leave the institute they are followed by the facility and Julian is taken, Laura has to ask for the help of the x-men will she save him or will he die

3: Cow Pie

When the skrulls have destroyed the world and the rest of the survivors are left to live on spaceships they are attacked by a fleet of Skrulls in which Hellion is sent back in time to the Quaker days he finds a mute girl that he beings to develop feelings for who is accused of being a witch by a bunch of douche bags and a ugly girl named Kimura

Cow Pie 2

After barley escaping the witch hunters and being sent back to the future Hellion must try to get the Quaker girl to adjust to the new environment after she finds out that her mother and earth are gone forever.

4: Save Your Breath

Julian has met the new girl but there’s a problem he fu^^in hates her…or does he?

Save Your Breath 2

After giving in and trying to be nice to x-23 Julian decides to bring her along w/ his friends to his house in Beverly Hills for the Summer but what they don’t know is that they are not gonna have a good time at all w/ confessions, old enemies, heartbreak messing up their vacation (lotta fun reading it)

5: Jungle Drum

Julian has strong feelings for this new weird girl but when he’s near her his A**hole meter spikes and she brings out the worst in him can he finally tell her how he feels w/out insulting her or will she get tired and slice his up (omg I was so pissed reading this one how can Hellion mess up so much!)

6: Prisoner Y (Pt 1 of 2)

In a world where mutants are being sent to concentration camps Hellion is backstabbed by his family and sent there where he meets a girl who he loves but is killed or so he thinks and how will the camp nazis take the news that she is pregnant better yet how will he!

Prisoner X (Pt 2 of 2)

After escaping the camp w/ her they try to travel to Europe to have a better life where they can begin to raise a child but lots of doubts race thru X-23’s head weather she should stay or ditch Julian (this one was hella sad)

7: The Five

In this post apocalyptic world where mutants are being hunted day and night Hellion leads a small team of survivors to try and find the Messiah kid but when he finally gives into his urges/feelings for x-23 his guilt takes over when he’s caught by Sofia. Who will he choose and can he become a strong leader who doesn’t visit the medical wing every 5 seconds? ( I love Hellion but I wish he would stop getting hurt and finally do the hurting)


After seeing his de-powered friends die Hellion is sent to see a group therapist who is suppose to help him w/ his pent up feelings, but he finds a crazy girl that makes him want to keep living. The only problem is that she only see’s him as a customer (yeah she’s a prostitute and a assassin) he goes into a spiral of wtf-ery where he cant take anymore of everyone lying & using him. He decides to leave it all and start a new life when he is propositioned by x-men enemy Magneto (hella sad and crazy I love it and I feel bad for Julian & kinda hate Laura for being so selfish/manipulative)


This next set is different stories from different people but as I read them I kinda realized that the stories could almost make up one big story that takes place over a long period of time

It Happened One Night

Julian comes back from a daily flight exercise when he is greeted by Laura who has been waiting (stalking) him, he takes her out to fly to help her relieve some stress and so that he can have some alone time w/ her.

Breakfast at IHOP

Hellion wakes up craving Pancakes but there’s none and decides to eat whatever Deadpool is fixing up until Laura reminds him there’s a place that is all about morning crap. He invites her there and they start to learn more and more about one another.

Yoga In The Danger Room

After Surge kiss incident he decieds to let Laura know that Surged kissed him and not the other way around also that he’d like to take Laura out on a date


Julian tries to get Laura’s Aunt & cousin to the school for Laura’s Birthday


Late one night the gang are all hanging out in the kitchen when they cant find Laura and they hear some strange noises coming from Julian’s room, thinking he’s under attack the gang along w/ wolverine/emma/cyclops barge in to find the schools new couple in bed.

This is the Ultimate Story Of Hellion/X-23!

10: Helix stages Vol 0: Year Zero

This one is the ultimate Hellion/X-23 Story!

Hellion meets Laura for the first time while the de-power scare is going on, how will he handle this and the things to come like a pink robot?

Helix stages Vol 1: the first try

Hellion/X-23 finally become and item but there are a bunch of crappy events that will test their relationship and make it stronger or breaking it, that and some new teams, enemies, horrors, deaths, feelings, babies (it’s a long and super awesome journey)

Helix Stages Vol 2: Another Version of the Truth

When the phoenix(Hellion Sorta) saves everyone & rewrites everything we are back to the beginning but how will Hellion (everyone has no memory of the past events) feel when he meets a feisty cold bratty Laura Kinney? That and being attacked by the facility who leave them a 9 month gift. Bunch of heartache, same feelings, new enemies, wtf moments, and new yea Lol

Helix stages Vol 3: us 2 little gods

The shrimps have arrived and are causing a ruckus up in here! Having to deal w/ babies, bills, enemies, and people trying to mess up Hellions life while he tries to be in class before the bell rings wtf! (its really shows you the relationship that everyone has w/ one another in times of need)

Helix Vol 4: armagoddnmotherfkingeddon

After graduating high school and having to work for the school as teachers and the new X-men they are visited by arch-enemies who will change Julian/Laura’s life forever in ways that are really high on the wtf level!

Hope you like these stories and if you know of any others leave them in the comments!

Also if you know the authors of these awesome stories can ya tell them to finish them! I’m dieing here!…So Yeah! Hellion/X23!      







Disneys Recess (Fan Fiction)

Okay so after being sucked into and losing hours and hours of my life reading stories I found some stories on the Disney TV-show Recess!    
there where tons but I only read the ones that I thought had more personality and “holy shi..” moments that made you want to read more. Here are the ones that I picked. If you like reading a lot then that’s what your gonna get but if you don’t then don’t bother cause theses stories are hella long! Also (in the rare ass event)that the links don’t work tell me and I’ll send you the stories

1: Prom Night

TJ/Spinelli have been together all of high school and TJ has something special planned, Vince secretly loves Gretchen but she’s w/ Mikey who has a dark secret

2: High School Changes Everyone

TJ is in a gang w/ king bob, Lawson, KJ, Skeenz. Meanwhile Spinelli cant admit her crush for TJ even tho everyone can hella see it. The rival gang has mikey, randal & unknowns who look like&talk like flavor flav eminem rejects. Vince has embraced his Pale kid. Gretchen is the whore of Babylon who wants to screw the schools man whore (your gonna love this) Gus Griswald! With deaths, fights, and pregnancies this story just makes your heartache w/ every chapter to read how the best of friends could have fallen apart by lifes destroying experiences and inner demons. (I was hooked reading this one)

3: Underneath It All

Everyone’s in high school now and the gang is still together! But everyone has been changing (physically and emotionally) Spinelli and TJ’s friendship has gotten stronger thru the years but she has become a bit insecure about her body because of certain tragedies which leads to some destructive behaviors but will some unexpected news save her in time & how will TJ take the news?!

4: Recess: The College Years

In the middle of college years for the recess gang the long awaited couple (TJ/Spin) have finally got their chance to make their feelings show when spin gets kicked out of her dorm and moves in w/ TJ. thru the weeks they realize they have more than a mutual crush. TJ gets his TV deal in LA and Spin getting into law school. He then revels his exciting news only to be told to leave and follow his dreams by the women he loves, broken hearted (both) he packs and leaves, the day he leaves she realizes she has to tell him how she feels before he leaves her forever.

5: Don't Mess With My Pal!

After school Mickey is going to the banks to deposit $500 that his mother gave him but on his way their the giant gets his arse kicked by the local school hooligans (lmfao I just thought about Ms. Finster) when he tells the gang TJ knows that the only way to deal w/ bullies is by sinking down to their level (brute force)

But what happens when TJ’s plan goes horribly wrong, also the fu*^ing ending pissed me off!

6: Love Can Be Tough!

5 grade has come at last! Spinelli and TJ are so in love but still they cant tell one another because they don’t want to ruin their friendship. Then a new girl that is rich, pretty, & evil becomes friends w/ the group w/ the intention of getting TJ for herself. Will she succeed and keep making Spinelli look like a nut job or will Spinelli finally step up and ‘get her man” and show the world that the other girl is a evil manipulative fake.

7: A Unexpected Romance

6 long years since the gang was disbanded (Gus, Gretchen, Mikey moved away). The only 2 that remained was Vince & TJ while Spinellis tough attitude melted away into a depressed and deep character who hangs out w/ a fat goth reject in the shadows. But what happens when Spin/TJ have to spend an entire summer together in a cabin near the lake w/ their parents. Will they’re start developing secret feelings for one another, will they keep fighting or become closer.

8: Goodbye TJ (Prequel to 'Heartbreakers')

Spinelli has to leave her friends and her true love behind

9: Heartbreakers

After moving away in the 5 grade Spinelli returns but a changed woman. She has to help her mom marry wealthy men which whom the mom then divorces & splits the settlements. Now the time has come for Spinelli to do the same which she is okay w/ seeing since her mom has made sure to brainwash her into thinking that all men are evil and don’t care about women but what happens when she has to seduce her true love TJ who shows her Love for the first time. Will she betray him and how low will the bitter mother go to her money? (this one actually got me sad while reading it)

10: The Secrets Within

(FYI: This one deals w/ rape, lost friendships, serious ass violence, and suicide so if ya don’t like that don’t read this cause it’s a really strong story)

5 grade has been real tough but only for Spinelli who has left the gang after her parents divorced and her mom married a psycho who rapes and beats her senseless. She finally decides to end her life because she sees that no one cares about her.

11: The Ending To A Tough Beginning (Sequel to 'The Secrets Within')

Spinelli and TJ are still a couple after all the years since 5 grade ordeal , the gang is in college and TJ has one thing to ask Spinelli that will change everything. But old memories and new enemies butt into their lives, will these two ever make it official?

12: Recess Drama

The gangs in their It's sophomore year. This year they’ll have to deal w/ drug abuse, pregnancy, cheating, good intentions make you look like an ass!, and finally guts to tell her she’s the one! (it’s a really good story that lets you see the world thru their POV)

13: The Complications of Life (Sequel to Recess Drama)

The gang is continuing to adjust to the challenges that are being thrown at them like “raising a child”, “should we be having sex?”, “old feelings for someone”, “Dose she love me?”

14: Admired From Afar (Part 1 of 4)

In this one there’s 4 parts to the story its hella long but so worth the time invested.

TJ is in Love w/ Spinelli but a ton of crappy events will keep him from ever telling her how he feels (Sophomores) (this one also deals w/ rape, abuse, death [sorta] and lots of swearing)

15: One Last Chance (Part 2 of 4)

TJ and Spinelli are in Love w/ one another but a ton of crappy events will keep them from ever telling each other how they feel? (Seniors) (this one also deals w/ past demons & hidden feelings)

16: This I Swear (Part 3 of 4)

After the tragic events and confessions that took place 4 years ago (confessing their love for one another and getting engaged) they will have to go thru more problems such as mistrust, pre-wedding jitters, marriage, & old friendships. Okay I have to say this about this story: I was blown away to read that after TJ/Spin being together after all these years of BF/GF and being engaged that they still have yet to have sex. At first I was like wtf! Cause they are 27 years old and still virgins (not that theres anything wrong but you have to do it eventually) but then I remembered that she might still be shook up about almost being raped years ago & TJ didn’t want her to freak out. Also I have to give TJ praise that he stayed loyal, respectful, understanding to her cause man 27 years old and still nothing I don’t wanna be a perv but I was like “if they havent done the deed then what do they do? just hardcore make out session w/ some star trek hands?…Ah I’m goin to hell for wondering!

17: Reunited (Part 4 of 4)

After being happily married and getting pregnant TJ/Spin get a invitation to return to their hometown for their high school reunion. But Spin is uneasy about goin back to a place that held so much heartache. Old enemies return to make their last stand as well as old friends who will all share an experience that they will never forget!

Hope you like the stories and this helps you remeber that awesome show that always made you want to run out of school as fast as you could to get home and watch it! 
Also heres the voice actors of recess  Pamela Segall Ashley Spinelli,   Andrew Lawrence T.J. Detweiler,   Ashley Johnson Gretchen Grundler 
  Courtland Mead Gus Griswald,  Rickey D-Shon Collins Vince Lasalle,   Jason Davis Mikey Blumberg   
Freaky Huh?  
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If You Where Stuck In Marvel

What if you woke up and you where in the marvel univerise what would your power be (one power you greedy people) I'd want superspeed cause no one can touch you, you could "dispose of", steal, do anything and people wont know until its too late. you'll be a billion miles away before their heart can even beat. (geez I guess i'd be a villian) naw i would try to get into the xmen mansion (btw i wounder how much $$$ the professor asks) and then yea "dispose of" daredevil, reed richards, etc.  
but i would probley be a careless type like logan. i'd so try to get other powers tho but i wouldnt want to visit the body shoppe cuase im pretty sure your gonna get a little more than you asked for.

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Hell Followed W/ Him

" I heard as it were, the sound of thunder. One of the four beats saying ' Come and See' and I saw and behold a pale horse, and the name of whom that sat on him was death... and hell followed with him" He placed the bookmark in the book within the bible titled Book of Revelation.

Since the dawn of the virus, people had lost all sense of logic. Nothing made sense anymore, nothing was what is was suppose to be. The absence of faith leads to the abundance of fear. For fear comes in hand with the unanswered questions that now consumed life. People searched to the ends of the earth for answers to these questions. That’s how the town of Exodus came to be. Father John spread the word of god and his explanation for all this. People would congregate from all over looking for the answers. Father John provided the answers that people had sought out.

Ever since the beginning of time to the late 1900s, the church has had a strong power over the people, because they provided the answers to the unanswered questions that people sought out. What is the meaning of life? Who created us? Who are we? The church provided the answers to these questions and because they did people were free from fear. The fear that comes with the unanswered questions. The church's power was reduced ever since the Renaissance age. When scientists and philosophers provided logical answers to the unanswered questions. This hit the church hard as people began listening to the words of logic for their answers.

Father John creating this town with the faith of God. People would listen to anything he said because he provided those answers. The answers for the hell around them. He explained it as God's way of punishing the sinners, by releasing the demons from hell upon them. He also explained that the sins within people had turned them into these demons. The church predicted that the world was going to pay for their sins and so they did.
With the absent of logical answer for the hell around. Now the church has as much power as they did before the age of logic.

The power of the church was best exemplified when a survivor was talking about the Virus that created the hell outside. The church responded with torture and sometimes murder to keeps some disbeliever’s words from reaching the people. Like during the renaissance age, the church did whatever they could to stop the philosophers from having their voices heard, because it would hurt there power over the people.

Peaceful was a perfect description of the town of Exodus. There was a nice perimeter around the town to keep the demons from hell at bay. Jack was the chief of police of Exodus. He leads 30 officers to protect the people of the town from the demons outside.

Jack put down the bible and walked to the living room. He claimed the machete that hung from a rack on the wall. He brought the machete to the garage and sharpened the blade thoroughly. He left the house on foot and proceeded to the town's stable. He met the other 30 officers at the large stable. They all began saddling up their horses and got ready for their hunt. Jack put on his steel shin guard with the large combat boots with them. The stirrups of the saddle were modified to fit the large boots of the officers.

Once a month the officers would go out on a hunt. They would go out on horseback for many reasons. Fuel for automobiles was gone making them useless and the horses do not require fuel. The horses were trained to stay calm around the demons and to stick to their commands. The horses were also trained to kick on command. Jack could recall many seeing a horse kick a demon's head in. The sound of the horses' hooves against the ground of the barren landscape was like the sound of thunder. The thundering of the horse’s feet would attract the demons to their position. The horsemen would decapitate the demons as they rode by. By the end of the day, the officer's would claim the heads of about two hundred demons.

The officer's would bring the heads back to the town and throw them into the room.

The father would burn the skull in front of the people and holler about. " Do you see how they appear as us. They look just like us! The demons of hell look just like us because the sinners of the world are the demons! Once you sin you will become a demon like this one!" he says as he swings the head by the hair.

Later that night Jack and four other officers would patrol the town and ensure the safety of the people. Jack saw people running and screaming about and he looked for the cause. He gasped as he watched the demons chase the town’s people.

Jack thought over and over “How did they get through the gate! It’s impossible!" Jack could not find a logical explanation at the time.

The other four officers’ charged with machetes at the demons and were easily taken down. The officers were overwhelmed by the hordes of demons that ran rampant through the streets.

Jack saw many of the townsfolk run for the church. Instinctively Jack too ran for the Church. The remaining officers sealed the doors and barricaded the doors the best they could. The people ran to the church for two reasons. The first reason was because they were seeking shelter against the demons, and the second reason was that they were looking for answers. They wanted to know how the demons got in and they sought the answer from the church.

Father John explained " Satan let them in! Satan disguised himself as one of us and let them in!"

The people were now more frightened then ever. The perimeter was perfectly built and Jack saw no logical reason how the demons would get in.

Jack pondered some thoughts quickly as the demons banged viciously at the door. People were now scared because they had a logical plan for their protection against the demons. Like during the times of logic that hurt the church's power so much. People thought everything was answered by logic, but during the early days of Armageddon all logic was disproved by the church, and people were living under fear because logic had failed them. That was what is happening now with the failing of the logical setup of the perimeter, thus bringing fear back into the lives of the people. So like Jack they instinctively turned to the church to bring back their faith when logic fails them.

" The demons of hell are upon us! and that door will not last forever!" he preached as he waved his bible around.

" I would like to read to you from the book of revelation" he said as the demons pushed vigorously on the door. And Jack had just noticed that a large storm was present. The cracking of thunder would momentarily cover the sound of the demons thrusting themselves at the door.

" This is about the apocalypse that we have had to endure." he claimed as he opened the book

" I heard as It were the sound of thunder!" The preacher hollered as he tried to bellow his voice louder than the sound of the demons banging at the store. The lightning would crack again and the flash would blind everyone for a second.

" One of the four beasts saying ' Come and See'!" He yelled as the thunder cracked again and the door began to splinter.

The demons arms extruded from the splintered wood of the door and they were hacked off by the officer's machetes. People began crying as the door was nearly open. The officers threw their bodies against the door to try and hold it close.

" And I saw and behold a pale horse! and the name of whom that sat on him was death!" The preacher's voice boomed as he threw the bible in the air.

With an explosion from the thunder, the people let out a blood curdling scream as the demons broke through. The demons jumped onto the people and began tearing them apart. Jack jumped into the crowd of demons with his machete and hacked away.

The screams of the people were momentarily blanketed by the sound of thunder.

Demons sprinted towards Father John as he roared with his coarse voice " And Hell followed with him!"

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