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I do love that Stargirl picture, however, I feel the nipples are a bit excessive.

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I already have the collectors edition for 360, but as I'm getting a PS4 and it has 40 new skins... well I guess I'll be getting this too.

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I really like Stargirl so I'm happy she's going to be front and center of his arc. I like the idea of her teaming up with the Manhunter too. I don't like the whole "everyone's dead", if that is actually how it is, I imagine it's gonna be like the end of Blackest Night where everyone came back to life. Obviously I'm just guessing, but seems like there's too much death in comics these days, even if it is only temporary.

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I can't wait for this title, as soon as it was announced I was excited for it. And I agree, Tony Daniel's artwork is incredible and the way he draws Superman (and Wonder Woman for that matter) is fantastic. At first I didn't like the idea of Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple, but the more I think about it the more I love it. I may be the only person who doesn't want Lois and Steve Trevor to come into their lives....

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The Fairest cover is by far the best. It's a series I haven't been reading but the Adam Hughes covers alone make me want to check it out.

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Earth 2 has been great so far, I've been really impressed with James Robinson's work on the title. He's definitely becoming one of my favourite writers in the comic book industry.

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Tomasi has already said that the next issue of Batman and Robin will be called Batman and Red Reobin and the issue after that is called Batman and Red Hood and then issue #20 is the WTF cover where you can see a little bit of yellow, which could be from a new Robin's costume. Hopefully they won't replace Damian any time soon. I don't want there to be another Robin just for the sake of it. In my opinion Damian has been the best Robin followed by Dick, who I think is the only suitable partner for Bruce other than Damian. If they introduce another Robin within two issues I'll be quite annoyed as I'm still grieving and Bruce should be too.

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Well, that's made my day.

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1.36 is Batman opposite Hal Jordan who's got a yellow ring, you can tell by the symbol on his chest. I haven't read the comments so I don't know if that's been pointed out yet...

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Seriously, Dale should know better than to go off into a field in the middle of the night, admittedly I thought he was going to kill himself.

The deaths in the show are absolutely awful compared to the deaths in the comic. When Dale died in the comic it was amazing. Being killed off by a roamer at night in the middle of a field is just bad in comparison.

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