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Lets go with the most recent Dr strange. And If Hawkman Can End The fight Quickly which i think he will then he shouldn't have to worry about the durability of his nth metal armor.

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Hawk man Vs Strange

And Before You All Start Barking Mismatch, Keep In Mind That Hawkman Is Wearing Nth Metal Armor And Using Nth Metal Weapons Which Is Anti Magic.

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The Predators Have turned their eyes on the Star Wars Galaxy and Have decided that Force Users Make good Hunting. They Plan A Mass Invasion With their allies the YuuZhan Vong.

The Republic(Jedi) and The Empire(sith) Have decided to ignore their differences and join together to quell this great invasion.

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I Forgot They Are all Blood Lusted, Deadpool and Daken Did wolverine wrong and he's out for revenge, hence the muramasa blade.

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Just the Sword, Isn't Wolverine A really good sword master?

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Standard Equipment( Except For Wolverines Muramasa)

Fight Takes Place Here:


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Mind swiping a bunch of normals is a great feat in breadth, not so much in intensity. Nobody has ever mind messed up Loki. Not Enchantress, not magic using Doom, not Mephisto, not Dormammu, and not Odin. Loki has used all kinds of clairovoyance:

But can LOKI use his clairvoyance offensively, sidious submerges himself in the force constantly, i dont think he will be caught off guard by Loki. and it wasn't just normals he mind wiped, there were force sensitives on that planet who have some form of TP resistance and that did nothing for them.

sidious too sees dreams of the future, He helped create anakin skywalker with the force, read Darth Plagueis.

whats to stop sidious from blitzing him, popping his head like a balloon or burst his heart with the force in the first few nanoseconds from the fight.

Heres my scenario, Loki tries to transmute sidious into something, sidious sees a few seconds into the future, sees what happens and quickly does one of the above mentioned to him.

if push comes to shove he wormholes Loki.

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Palatine does Loki worse than hulk did him. What defense does Loki have against someone who Mind wiped an entire planets worth of people instantly. you also forget that force users have precog and palpatine being one of the most powerful and having light speed reactions could avoid whatever Loki threw at him. sidious blitzes Loki so hard it should be a crime.

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Oh yes the new book. when he went to the roman camp. Even without his imperiousness, he is still a force to be reckoned with. and lets not forget that as long as he is touching a body of water he has a super accelerated healing factor and all his abilities are boosted.

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Hulk First two, then trion juggs last two.

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