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You know you are THE MAN when you can talk so freely. Love these types of interviews. Love everything Scott's touching right now too.

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This will surely become an issue more if/when sites like Comixology or Amazon go out of business and there is a multitude of content that will no longer be accessible. Plus, adding in the ability to use things on the 'cloud', it takes even your virtual, downloaded copy gone until you can access the internet.

Personally I always think of this whenever I buy things digitally, but then again we live in a world where things are reliant on devices that need to be used to access this even then, if the people providing the content are still around, but the hardware manufacturer goes out of business or you break it, you are at a total loss again until you find something that can be substituted....

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This has to be my breakout book from last year. Consistently entertaining, engaging and the character development has been very intriguing. Glad to see another great issue at hand.

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@the_average_bear: I can't remember where I read it, but if you search for "Planet Hulk Live Action" you will get many sites reporting rumors that Marvel may be in the midst of trying to adapt this storyline into a live action movie. Here's hoping.....

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This is my favorite Hulk storyline I have ever read. Because of that, I was really excited for the Planet Hulk movie, but it was such a let down. Marvel's animated movies should take a look at what DC is doing and the way they are adapting their comics.

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Okay, but would that be at the end of Azzarello's run? Is this a side story and if so, how will it alter the continuity that is being established right now by the character in the new 52?

It's a great idea that, i believe, has made other female characters more enjoyable than they would have otherwise (batwoman)

Very commendable doing so much research...wonder how many other writers are doing the same...but that's just part of Morrison greatness.

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Does it need an R to be a good movie.No.

Do i want to see an R rated Wolverine. Hell YES!

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@BradyDale: Exactly MR. Dale! Some of the best characters to read are ones that have had issues that could somewhat seem relevant to us, even though they are superheroes....creating a dynamic between a mother, father and Zeus' libertine ways sets up a perfect drama that will resonate with many of the fatherless families in today's age.

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First of all its Brian Azzarello...come one and give the guy a chance, he deserves it! Second, if you are going to re-launch comics there should be some effing changes and with a character like Wonder Woman they need something to change to make her relevant again and possibly pull in some of these casual readers they seem to be targeting (at least initially). When i tell anyone about Wonder Woman's origin they laugh...this one makes sense and I think, naturally, new readers will accept it this is going to add so much to her character in terms of how it could open up a new type of tension between Zeus! I can see it now...Zeus versus Wonder Woman, Father vs. Daughter...sounds good to me...and add in a little Kratos anger and i'm hooked.

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Wow, what a nice incentive with the Sinestro Corps skin..granted I was already purchasing both the movie and game (if I wasn't i would be ticked because it will probably be dlc later). Sounds like a pretty great time to wait for the grittier, heavier, emotionally disturbing sequel they promise!

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