Casting Call: The Flash

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The Flash Family

Over the years, there have been numerous characters to take up the mantle of The Flash. First there was Jay Garrick, then Barry Allen, then to Wally West, then to Bart Allen, and then back to Barry Allen. There's been a Flash movie in development for some time now but it hasn't been said which Flash will be in the film but Geoff Johns has hinted that it will probably be Barry Allen. He didn't say whether it would be but it does seem likely that Barry will be The Flash in the film.

The Flash though is going to be an extremely difficult character to the big screen but it can be done. Green Lantern could have been great but it sadly failed at bringing such a famous character to the big screen. It definitely is not impossible to bring either to the big screen but I'm sure there will be some difficulties. All the project needs though is a director who can make it work on the big screen. It also depends on which Flash is chosen for the film. Many fans want Wally West, I for one do not. For me Barry Allen is The Flash, no question about it and Wally West was just a placeholder.

Director: Brad Bird

Brad bird

I know I'm probably alone in saying this but I think Brad Bird could helm a Flash movie. He's got The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol under his belt and everyone of those films are great. With The Incredibles, Brad Bird proved that he could take on the superhero film genre and do incredibly well with it. This man can tell an incredible story where you can more about the characters than the action. OK, so Mission Impossible didn't do that but since when has that franchise ever been about its' characters? I don't think anyone else can helm a Flash movie; certainly not Martin Campbell who couldn't even handle Green Lantern.

If Brad Bird can make the movie in a way like Iron Man with his style of doing things and a story by Geoff Johns, then you've got one hell of a Flash movie.

Barry Allen: Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

There is an actor I am enormously fond of because he's so damn cool and actually looks a ton like Barry Allen, I'm talking about Doogie Howser himself, Neil Patrick Harris. He actually has voiced Barry Allen before in Justice League: The New Frontier and just cemented my belief that he should be Barry Allen. In fact the guy looks like Barry Allen in the comics and I wouldn't be surprised if Francis Manapul drawing Barry a bit like Neil Patrick Harris.

Some people seem to think he'd be a good Wally West but I'm a bit puzzled by that because he strikes me as more of a Barry Allen Flash rather than Wally West. Bradley Cooper whom many want as Barry is more like Wally than Harris.

To put it plain and simple, you won't find a better Barry Allen than Neil Patrick Harris.Sure there's Ryan Gosling but as much as I like Ryan Gosling, I just could not ever cast anyone else besides Harris. People love this guy already and he is the Flash to me no matter what anyone may think, you just can't deny that he is the physical equivalent to Barry Allen.

Wally West: Bradley Cooper

If Ryan Reynolds wasn't Hal Jordan or Deadpool, I'd suggest him for the role of Wally West but the thing he could never do it. So I have to say Bradley Cooper is the next best choice for the role primarily because of his charm. I don't know anything about Wally West so he is the funny Flash right? If so then yeah Bradley Cooper should play him. The only problem though is that he couldn't be more disinterested in playing the character. He's been asked about and never gives an answer so yeah playing a superhero is not on his list of things to do. A problem though is that if they introduce Barry first, then you're going to need a younger actor for the role of Wally and Cooper clearly isn't that actor.

I'm only familiar with Wally West because of Justice League and Young Justice so my casting choice may be way off for all I know but still I think Cooper could do it even though I don't a thing about Wally West other than he was the third Flash. Or heck while we're at it, why not just cast Michael Rosenbaum? He absolutely embodies the role.

Iris West Allen: Blake Lively

You can guess why I chose this photo

One of the things I didn't really like about the new DC Universe was splitting up Iris and Barry. They were by far my favorite couple and I know I'm going to get some flack for my choice for this role because the actress is already playing another DC character although isn't widely liked as her. I'm talking about Blake Lively whom I've always felt should have been Iris West instead of Carol Ferris.

Of all the many DC love interests, Iris West is by far my favorite. It's hard to explain why but I just like the character quite a lot. Of course I do have a second choice, Mila Kunis. Kunis is an actress I love because she is just so funny and I'd love to see her do so many roles including Iris West and heck maybe even Princess Leia if there ever were a remake of Star Wars.

Professor Zoom: John Wesley Shipp

Wally and Barry don't really have the greatest villains. Like the Justice League has the Legion of Doom, The Flashes have the Rogues. Now the Rogues would not work in a movie so if it is Barry in the film, then I have to choose to Professor Zoom AKA Eobard Thawne. So to play the role, I have to choose John Wesley Shipp who has not only voice the character but was once upon a time Barry Allen himself in that terrible 1990's TV show titled The Flash.

Don't get me wrong I love a few of the rogues like Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang but the other two: Weather Wizard and The Trickster? I don't think so. They are to me quite possibly some of the lamest comic book villains of all time especially the Trickster.

Assuming John Wesley Shipp can physically play the character, it would be awesome and he's certainly got the voice for it as his performance as Professor Zoom in the episode "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster" was pretty awesome. The problem with most of the Superman movies is that he wasn't given someone he could actually fight and I hope that mistake isn't made in The Flash movie. So the best choice is to go with a character who is The Flash's equal.

Zoom: Michael Rosenbaum

I'm going to say right now, I don't give a shit about Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom. I think he's a vastly overrated and overpowered character and in comparison to the other Reverse-Flashes is nowhere nears as cool. I'd love to see Rosenbaum reprise the role of Wally West from Justice League but in live-action but at the same time, why not have him play Zoom?

Is there really anyone else that could play him? Garrett Hedlund maybe? Like I said I don't care about this character very much and will never understood why people love him so much but if Michael Rosenbaum were casted as him, I think I could be convinced that Hunter Zolomon is a worthwhile villain.

The Rogues

I think if there is anyone who can make the Rogues work in a movie, it'd have to be Brad Bird. Now The Rogues are actually probably the only group of villains that could hold their own film. If you got rid of Weather Wizard and replaced him with Captain Boomerang and deleted the Trickster all together, then they become an actually menacing group.

If this film does end up having the Rogues as the villains, then I'd love to see them get a prequel film directed by Quentin Tarantino. It would have them doing some sort of heist and Tarantino is a pro at that kind of stuff and has been looking to do a comic book movie for some time now.

Captain Cold
For Captain Cold, I have to say Guy Pearce. Pearce is an actor I really want to play Doctor Strange but if I had to choose, I'd definitely say Captain Cold. For those of you who don't know who Captain Cold is, I'll explain. Captain Cold originally debuted in the 1950's in the Silver Age of Comics and has since been one of Barry Allen's greatest enemies if not his greatest. In fact if Pearce was unavailable, one could just hire Lex Lang who has voiced the character in the past but he doesn't do live-action films though. Pearce is an incredible actor and if you haven't seen any of his movies, you should.
Heat Wave
As Gambit 1024 stated in the comments, he'd choose Sam Worthington for the role. I'm not a huge fa of Sam Worthington but yeah, I like the idea of him as Heat Wave. Heat Wave is a pyromaniac and originally a rival to Captain Cold. That's about all I can say about him.
Since Mirror Master is Scottish, I feel obligated to cast a Scottish actor in the role because I like to be correct with these things. There are very few Scottish actors I know of that aren't Sean Connery so I have to go with David Tennant for the role. Like many, The Tenth Doctor also holds a special place in my heart because he was that one I really grew to love for a number of reasons. He's anxious to do something else other than Doctor Who even though he loves being known for his role on that show and I think Mirror Master is a great role for him.

A second choice for the role is another sci-fi actor-Paul McGillion of Stargate: Atlantis fame. I really enjoyed him as Doctor Carson Beckett and would love to see what he could bring to the role of Mirror Master.
Captain Boomerang was once a lame villain but that all changed after he became of the Suicide Squad which oddly enough is being adapted into a movie but it probably will feature the current roster (Which Boomer is not on) Boomerang is an Australian so I feel he should be played an Australian actor. Preferably I'd like it to be Eric Bana who plays him but I'll settle for Hugh Jackman as well.
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