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     I think you pretty much hit it with the lack of good villains. Win Marvel's big bad's trading sides or dying, Marvel is apparently having trouble finding new bad guys. I also think the rest of the current bad guy roster need a break from getting beat every other month........ 
     Another thing is there might be just a little more suspension waiting for the outcome when heroes fight. With hero/villain battles, you pretty much know who's gonna win. Sure the bad guy might get the upper hand for a few panels, but you know the hero will win in the end. 

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Same time as the whole Heroes Reborn story line, they got split on the way and sent to two different realities/time lines. This also explains the new uniforms they wore in 2099 :)  Came back same time and re-converged.

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Found this the other day, it's a happy tune.  Brings good vibes for me:  

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Mr. Miracle (Scott), Ambush Bug, Madcap, Deadpool, and leading them into battle.....Batman (Bruce, because you know he's got a file on all your guys and the plans to beat them with just this exact team ;)

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But it's not a time travel story "Axel Alonso Brian is bringing the original X-Men—the [Stan] Lee and [Jack] Kirby X-Men—into the present, and they’re here for the long haul. They’re going to see what the world has become, the hard road that got them here and, indeed, who made it this far. That’s going to make for years of fascinating stories."

How are they doing this?

Also for those that might be saying the movies have no influence here : "Axel Alonso: It is not a reboot. We don’t travel back in time, into the future, or to an alternate universe. Marvel NOW! respects the investment—emotional and financial—that long-term fans have made in the Marvel Universe, and this story takes place in a Marvel Universe they can recognize, one that grows out of Avengers Vs. X-Men. That said, these stories will be accessible to lapsed readers—the guy who likes, say, Captain America, but doesn’t know where to start—and anyone who saw a Marvel movie or heard the buzz about Marvel NOW!"

(bolded for emphases)

More on

Guess I need to read more AvX books......

Anyway ~falls on knees begging to Marvel~ please, please leave Daredevil alone, it's the only book I can get and you've messed with him enough in the past 14 years., it's been that long???? Enough of this madness!!

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Good match up. Fighting and strength I give to Panther but with those scans it looks a lot closer than I would have thought. Watching this one.

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Jean can die and come back all she wants because she is the embodiment of a primal universal force.

Maybe this is why the phoenix force is possessing people who've known her, to bring her back with their favorite memories of her.

And I think her and Scott would have a LOT of talking to do if they were ever to get back together.

@Jonny_Anonymous: does anyone sit through this for 10 minutes???? they CRAZZZYYYY!!!! or will be by then.....

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@Wolfrazer said:

Why even have the other heroes around if Batman can do anything? I mean...what CAN'T Batman do? I just looked at some new 52 stuff and its like, why even bother having any other superhero in DC? Don't get my wrong folks, I like Batman its just...he just seems to pull stuff out of his(well you know) and it just seems to work 100% of the time. It seems to make every other DC hero useless, I am still waiting for him to pull out a nuke or something from his utility belt.

Note: I am mostly pulling together everything Batman has done even before the New 52 as well, its just looking at the New 52 made me look back on the older stuff and thus here is this thread.

Always been my thought to....of course I haven't read any 52 stuff...

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