The blogger wanna be....

This was kinda inspired by ReVamp's request a blog blog only this one's reversed. 
Here I will put topics I would like to write up on but am way to lazy/distracted/un-knowledgeable about to finish much less start. 

So here they are: 
The first one came on when I read the article about good comic book rivalries....while reading that I thought "Would Joker still be the Joker without Batman?".  We know Joker complements Batman and Bruce might not be the same without Joker to contend with, but what if Bat's never existed but Joker still came to be? Would the Joker still be the insane criminal he is today?  Would there be somebody else to fill Batman's role?  Would Joker even survive long as this page suggests? 
Another is something that has kinda been done before and that is "Who would you like to get there own series?" or "Comics I would like to see."
Mine goes something like this:   
"New Marvel Comics Presents: " and alternately "DC Comics Presents:  " starring more supporting cast/lesser used characters. 
What brought this to my mind is reading Black Panther and his "assistant(good word?)", Sofija.  I would be interested to know what she's done in her past but not so much for her to have her own title, be it a mini or ongoing, or to have her take up space in a BP book like Echo did in Daredevil taking up 5 issues where you see Wolverine more than DD. 
If they have to use a "major star" for drawing power, have them be supporting rather than starring in the story. 
I have more ideas but as this is taking a lot of time (This little write up took me probably an hour with distractions and such) already, I'll fill those in later. 

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