What if Zenn-La created a "Green Lantern Corps"?

Watching Silver Surfer series I wondered what if the Watcher gave Zenn-La more advance warning of Galactus's coming and then gave them the knowledge and means (yes, finding loop holes is apparently what the Watcher does) to create a weapon to fend him off (i.e. ultimate nullifier-ish). After this is done they compact this "nullifier" down to ring/belt buckle/what ever size (think computers and how much one SD card can hold now compared to a few years ago). Then they send them out to "deserving" warriors to help other worlds fend off the devourer of worlds as well as any other major threats to the sector.

Norrin Radd is obviously the first and the one to distribute the rest of the trinkets. Who else would he distribute them to and why.

Would something like this work in the Marvel Universe?

What would happen with Galactus if this came to be?


The blogger wanna be....

This was kinda inspired by ReVamp's request a blog blog only this one's reversed. 
Here I will put topics I would like to write up on but am way to lazy/distracted/un-knowledgeable about to finish much less start. 

So here they are: 
The first one came on when I read the article about good comic book rivalries....while reading that I thought "Would Joker still be the Joker without Batman?".  We know Joker complements Batman and Bruce might not be the same without Joker to contend with, but what if Bat's never existed but Joker still came to be? Would the Joker still be the insane criminal he is today?  Would there be somebody else to fill Batman's role?  Would Joker even survive long as this page suggests? 
Another is something that has kinda been done before and that is "Who would you like to get there own series?" or "Comics I would like to see."
Mine goes something like this:   
"New Marvel Comics Presents: " and alternately "DC Comics Presents:  " starring more supporting cast/lesser used characters. 
What brought this to my mind is reading Black Panther and his "assistant(good word?)", Sofija.  I would be interested to know what she's done in her past but not so much for her to have her own title, be it a mini or ongoing, or to have her take up space in a BP book like Echo did in Daredevil taking up 5 issues where you see Wolverine more than DD. 
If they have to use a "major star" for drawing power, have them be supporting rather than starring in the story. 
I have more ideas but as this is taking a lot of time (This little write up took me probably an hour with distractions and such) already, I'll fill those in later. 

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Teen Villains?

OK, for some reason this thought just popped into my head. We all know there are literally hundreds of teen heroes and heroines out there, but how many teen villains are there? I couldn't think of one besides maybe Reggie Mantle. With all these teenage heroes running around, why could I not think of any teenage villains? Is it because they're all still happy with the world they see no reason to be bad?

So, I made this list of my dream teen hero team and want a team of villains for them to go up against and I wanted to make kind of a teen rivalry thing with it but ,alas, evil teens elude me.

I suppose their is Legion, but he could probably pretty much solo my teen team so that would make for a short list.

Any help out there? How many teenage villains are there really?

Is there enough to battle my team or should I just stick with the stock bad guy type team of old folks?


Martian Manhunter

Although he can be freaky at times,

He has so many different powers, he should be able to show me haw to use a couple :P
that and he's been around and part of the league so long he should have some great insight on what to do with any power he doesn't have.