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No Spoilers?!?!...."I was sad when Ben died" Thanks a lot! haha jk. Good review. I'd agree with the Captain America movie comparison. I liked Amazing Spider-man better than The First Avenger. I really enjoyed what they did with Flash. His attitude, look and feel seemed right ESPECIALLY compared to his "grunge cameo" in Sam Raimi's version. I think if they keep him around (depending on the direction of the movies) he could fit the military/venom very well. I liked that Osborn continued to be mentioned but only in passing. It makes for great anticipation for the next installments. I also agree with "Spidey's movements were a lot more gangly and spider-like." Spidey never looked bulky or big when moving around (as I felt he did at times in the first 3 movies)...Spider-man looked really flexible and I also felt that Peter's dealing with his new powers felt more organic in this one. I'd like to see it again in theaters but I might have to save that change for the Dark Knight at the IMAX.

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If I was transported to Mars, I would gather all the White Apes and return to earth to destroy everything and bring about the Apocalypse!

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He's currently drawing the interior art for Haunt.