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440366 Global Defense Force Issue Overview 05/23/14 04:58AM 6 Approved
439818 Tree of Life Thing Overview Part of the GDF. 05/22/14 11:57AM 50 Approved
439817 Lotus Mandrake Character Overview Is in Global Defense Force #2 05/22/14 11:50AM 50 Approved
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439788 Global Defense Force Issue Overview 05/22/14 08:37AM 4 Approved
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375014 Global Defense Force Volume Overview 02/24/14 03:48PM 38 Approved
375003 Gravitanium Thing Overview It is in Global Defense Force Issue 1 02/24/14 03:24PM 50 Approved
371838 Siege Character Overview She was on the Cover of Global Defense Force Issue #1. 02/20/14 10:04AM 50 Approved
289500 Issue Overview 11/26/13 06:40PM 7 Approved
289414 Ken Leinaar Person Overview Did the inks, colors and lettering to the GDF. 11/26/13 03:35PM 50 Approved
289411 Sonic Soldier Character Overview Part of The Global Defense Force Universe. 11/26/13 03:32PM 17 Approved
287848 Animal Teen Character Overview Added some Basic Data. 11/25/13 07:03PM 69 Approved
287831 Sonic Soldier Character Overview Another Character in the Global Defense Force 11/25/13 06:22PM 50 Approved
287771 Issue Overview Added Info 11/25/13 04:57PM 65 Approved
287579 Animal Teen Character Overview Part of the GDF comic line. =) 11/25/13 06:11AM 50 Approved
287576 New Issue Issue Overview Global Defense Force Comic. 11/25/13 06:07AM 50 Denied
287270 Manchine Character Overview 11/24/13 07:52PM 37 Approved
287268 Brian Hitsman Person Overview Creator of Global Defense Force 11/24/13 07:45PM 50 Approved
287267 Issue Overview The first issue of Global Defense Force. 11/24/13 07:43PM 50 Approved
287252 Global Defense Force Team Overview From the Comic Global Defense Force. 11/24/13 06:38PM 50 Approved
287251 Manchine Character Overview Character from the Global Defense Force Comic. 11/24/13 06:35PM 50 Approved
287249 Global Defense Force Volume Overview Its my comic I am publishing. I wrote it and paid for it to be made. I started off 10 years ago just a web comic lots of people loved it. Years later now I am jumping into a bigger pond. Sure I am only selling local other then at indyplanet.com. I have to start some where even if its just under 100 issues sold. =) 11/24/13 06:26PM 50 Approved