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This video explained a lot of my gripes with the film.


God I love what this guy says and his critiques. Thanks for posting this video TAS :)

It's the best Hyperion movie of all time.

Got to get it right. =)

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@dboyrules2011: Those shows are just terrible. Not funny, horribly written, and weird.

this is why

Sounds like normal CHILDRENS shows. =)

I beg to disagree, Regular show is anything but a children's show from what I hear especially with the cursing and etc. Like wtf is the soccer moms these days. Besides being a children's show doesn't mean you have to be horribly written and terribly unfunny, look at shows like Batman:TAS, Recess, Young Justice, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Ben 10(before Omniverse which is garbage). Avatar TLA, 90's Spiderman, Transformers Prime, 90's TMNT, Kim Possible, KND, Billy and Mandy, PPG, Totally Spies,I could go on. These days it's like they're not even trying not to mention the lack of variety and substance in the shows. In fact Teen Titans go is the epitome of what's wrong with cartoons these days

Yet half the ones you mentioned (to me) are just as bad as 80's cartoons for children. I loved the 80's transformers when I was a kid. I watch it now and I wonder what the heck was I thinking.

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@redbird3rdboywonder: 90s TMNT? Don't you mean 80s?

The first one lasted from 1987 to 1996.

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Its gotta be batman logic.

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Where is I am being silly. =/

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The CW dropped it's Vortexx cartoon show block, thus ending all Saturday morning cartoons on broadcast television (don't worry for those who have cable and satellite). But, it's the end of an era. As a kid I would be excited to wake up on Saturday mornings and tune into either Fox Kids, Kids WB or ABC Kids and watch hours and hours of cartoons. But today marks the first time since I can ever remember that none of the big broadcast television networks have a cartoon block on their schedule, which for kids in the 90's without cable tv was the only way to watch cartoons. While the Vortexx block wasn't that great compared other predecessors (Fox Kids, Kids WB), it did have some classic cartoons like Justice League Unlimited going for them, as well as more recent ones as The Spectacular Spider Man. I know I can tune into Cartoon Network and Nick to get my filling for Saturday cartoons, but being a 90's kid, today marks an end of an era in my book.

A thread complaining about the ''good ole days of the 1990's.''

How original.

I guess the 70's and 80's don't count. =) I still remember when we had 3 channels. Of course back in those days you had to walk 2 miles to school in five feet of snow UPHILL. =)

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Where is that new spiderman.