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Since #13 it's been a tragically low and depressing time for Catwoman fans everywhere. The art is good -- but what good is art without a cohesive and gripping storyline? Nocenti's Selina Kyle is a nebulous, insecure, possible Russian orphan office temp who inexplicably steals Tim Burton's origin a second time (first time, of course, was in the Halle Berry cinematic nightmare desecration). I always liked Catwoman because she was somewhat grounded in reality in all her past volumes -- never more so than in her short Volume 1 and stellar Volume 3 -- but, as several have stated above, this 4th series has really turned into some kind of weird acid trip with demons, diamonds and a boring supporting cast of nobodies ... These days, if you want to enjoy Catwoman, you have to look for her in Justice League of America, the Batgirl annual and the recent Batman and Catwoman 22. She's being written true-to-form everywhere except in her own series. Nocenti needs to go -- and then some new writer must step in to reveal that the Joker has been secretly drugging Catwoman with LSD for the past 6 months, and now, with Batman's help, she's wide awake and ready for her revenge ...

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I loved Hathaway's performance -- and there certainly wasn't enough of her in the movie -- but to me she still wasn't Selina Kyle. I think the part called for Angelina Jolie or Gina Gershon. Anne Hathaway would have made a better Holly Robinson -- that's who she reminded me of when she was running around in her high tech cat suit.

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Totally infatuated with the character growing up. The fact that she was a thief and a criminal -- but not really a sociopathic villain like the Joker or Penguin -- made her complex, multi-dimensional and fascinating. I also loved in the comics that she was inspired to don a costume after witnessing Batman in action -- and in many ways became his dark alter-ego.

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I disagree about her stealing the movie. The producers should have waited for Julie Newmar to finish playing an Indian in "MacKenna's Gold". She had already put her stamp on the role in the television show and owned the part. To me, it was like there's the Joker, Penguin, Riddler and ... someone standing in for Catwoman.

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Like Michelle Pfieffer decades later, Julie Newmar was a definitive Catwoman for the 1960s. The "Batman" movie from 1966 suffered by having to replace her with the Lee Meriwether -- who was good, but not great. Can you imagine Julie Newmar as Miss Kitka? She would've torn it up!