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Punk Rock Jesus TPB - The complete Series 0

I've made it clear for around 6 months straight that I loved the Punk Rock Jesus series, I've thrown money at it at every chance I could; I have first prints of all 6 issues, but still felt the need to buy the TPB!So that's how much I love this series. This may be a biased review :pI'm going to start by talking about the TPB vs the individual floppy copies:It was $16.99 for the book; the singles together will cost you $17.94 at $2.99 each, so you're saving less than a dollar, typically a tpb wil...

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A Moment of Silence 0

This review is spoiler-free for anybody up to date with their Batman stuff within a week or two. If you're not, Batman, Incorporated #8 should be read before this, but that's about it.Before going into any depth on this issue, I strongly recommend you buy it. ....Was that too early? Oh should. This is a book for fans of Batman, fans of Damian, subscribers of Requiem, fans of Batman's-past, fans of conceptual comic of comics in general. This is the kind of book th...

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A Positive, Spoiler-Free Rocketeer Review 0

I'd never picked up a Rocketeer before, and had been really looking forward to it. So, to come on here on Wednesday and see how poorly it was doing was pretty heartbreaking. @inferiorego Gave it an historically low 1/5, even saying "I do not recommend this issue" and on Wednesday the community had rated it 0.6/5 (now at 2.4, still pretty low).Now, like I said, this is my first Rocketeer book, and I picked it up not really knowing what to expect...and I ended up being blown away by how honed a co...

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It's not over! 0

SPOILERS! (If you haven't been following DotF or Picked up RHatO 17 yet, TURN BACK! THAR BE SPOILS AHEAD!)Red Hood and the Outlaws has been Hit or Miss in the past couple of issues (miss and miss during Death of the Family) but this issue was amazing!Firstly, nothing can be said before addressing the incredible cover art on this one; Mico Suayan has put together what might be my favorite piece of cover art of 2013. It perfectly describes the book, and does it so elegantly.This issue opens up wit...

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