This Week's Comics in 3 lines or less! 6-Mar

'spensive week!

A+X #5: Not great. Very much an in-betweener issue. I usually really like A+X too! Just hope this isn't a sign that they're running out of ideas... 2/5

All-New X-Men #8: Pure entertainment from start to finish. Awesome action scenes, hilarious dialogue, not alot happens, but it doesn't have to, this book is a great all-rounder. 5/5

Avengers #7: Keeping with the cosmic side of things, this is another great issue of Avengers. Most of the issue is spent (kind of) showing the inner workings of the universe-verse and the role that out mysterious new character plays in it. Like the book for the most part, really nice to see a serious Tony Stark doing his job. Kind of rushed to a conclusion? 4/5

Daredevil: End of Days #6: Another awesome creepy Donnie Darko style Mack variant :) This is always top of the pile for me, I wish the main DD run was written like this! As much as I'm a fan of David Mack and love his influence in this book, his art pages in this issue were a little jarring, although they did also break up the book nicely so it wasn't just investigation to investigation to investigation. I implore any DD fans to get this series, it's been great. 4/5

Detective Comics #18: Bought this like a sucker to see how Batman was coping with the fallout from Batman, Incorporated #8. If this is your sole reason for buying this, you're wasting your time. It was, however, a great book that carried on the almost-forgotten Emperor Penguin story from the early DotF back-ups. Really liked it, like the reappearance of a certain villain, and might stick around reading Detective for a few months now :) 4/5

Great Pacific #5: New Texas definitely has a long way to go, but it's population is pretty interesting. Nothing special about this issue, things are looking up though. 3/5

Hellboy in Hell #4: Such a creepy book. Mignola throws so much into these books, you come out the other side, genuinely feeling like you've learned something. There are references historical and literal galore in this issue. I think to fully get the feel of his books, you'd have to read 5-6 complementing novels per issue. It's certainly a spectator sport, but a fantastic one to be part of. 4/5

Lost Vegas #1: Interesting new world to explore, shame I couldn't see more of it. I'm not sure if this book is for me; the art isn't a style I enjoy and combined with the writing, the whole thing comes off a little underwhelming and underdeveloped. I get the feeling you'd like this if you're the kind of person that can easily jump onto unorthodox sci-fi concepts (thinking Dr Who fans?) Early days, but might leave this series alone. Something positive: the variant cover. 1/5

Snapshot #2: Simple and elegant. This black and white mini is so effective, with so little. Jock's art is amazing, he goes from details to pure effects in the same page and at no point do you feel like you've missed something. The story itself continues to twist and turn, can't imagine how far apart issues 1 and 4 will appear. Really nice script layout for issue 3 on the last page not to be missed! 4/5

Superior Spider-Man #5: Favorite cover of the week and one with more meaning after you're read the book. Stuff happens, big stuff. I like Sp-Ock, I say it every time. In this issue, I like how he adapts and criticizes himself to improve, and at times, even Parker has to agree with him. The final few pages show that there's a downside to all of that too though. I hope more people can embrace this series, because it has some great talking points. 5/5

Superman #17: Conclusion to H'el on Earth! An epic crescendo to end this crossover. The artwork in this issue really made up for the previous Supergirl issue; everyone looked incredible. Everybody had their chance to shine in this issue. Really enjoyed it. Shame to see it end! 5/5

Back issues

Joe Kubert Presents #5: This is just great on the eyes. 5/5

Nightwing #17: Missed this somehow! Some DotF fallout. Grayson is certainly suffering from the event, and seeing how he, and his environment, cope with the aftermath is a pretty tough pill. Also, if you were rocked by Batman, Incorporated #8, this was a nice testament to Damian at his finest. 5/5

Teen Titans #17: Was pretty interesting! Little bits of DotF fallout. Nice ending. TT seems to yo-yo between good and bad for me, but I'll be picking up the next ones too, just incase they hit 2 in a row :) 4/5

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