This weeks comics in 3 lines or less 13-Feb

Been looking forward to this week for a while! The Walking Dead #107 and Batman #17 2 comics both set to shake up 2013...we'll see if they do!

Batman #17 I couldn't possibly say anything about this book, for fear of affecting your own view on it. It has to be read. DotF has been a really well made, well thought out crossover. I've loved reading it, and hope everybody else has too. ?/?

Batman and Robin #17 I must admit, I only picked this up in the hope that it might feature some DotF extras...You could argue it does, but I didn't think it was made to complement the series. A nice enough read and different direction...a little confusing at times, but I think it was deliberately leaving things open to question. 3/5

Fury Max #9 I need a dose of Punisher every so often, and there's sadly not enough to go round at the moment! Seeing him and Fury fight side to side is mind-blowing. Showing Punisher as a "good-guy" actually works really well too. My only downside would be how similarly Castle and Fury are written, although, at times, it's part of the charm. 4/5

Superboy #17 Starting to feel the gravity of the whole "H'el on Earth" situation in this book. It started out pretty slow and, but is appearing more and more legitimate as the story goes on. We see Kon finally come into his own a bit and start to act like a hero in this issue. This could well be his definitive coming-of-age story unraveling before us...and MAN do they beat it out of him! 4/5

The Walking Dead #107 Sometimes I wonder if I just read this for the letters section. One of my favorite things about this book is you can tell Kirkman and co. enjoy making it so much. Especially when it comes to writing Negan, there are so man "WTF!?" moments with him, and they should take away any realism from the book...but they're so damn good you just don't care. 4/5

Back issues. Due to it being a quieter week for my pull-list, I picked up a couple of things I've missed over the past month:

Deathmatch #1 Bought this out of interest, to see how it fared against Avengers Arena. It has some advantages, a "bracket" layout that could prove interesting as the game progresses, and the fact that these characters have no prior investment, so you won't miss them if/when they die...still not sure if I like that weird? I think my deathmatches need higher stakes...3/5

Snapshot #1 Cant work out how something by Jock and Diggle got under my radar last week...I love this book already! It's fresh and artistic and instantly engaging. It's a shame it's going to be such a short run. I hope for sequels in the future :) 5/5

Dropped Comics

2 titles I didn't pick up this week:

Batgirl #17 As much as I wanted to pick this up, and as promising as it looked, I had to make a vote with my wallet on this one. Although it was only for a mere hiccup, DC needs to learn that many Batgirl fans are reading it for Gail Simone. Their strategy with throwing around their creators, and in this instance dishonorably trying to sack them without explanation is not the way to create good comics. They need to learn to respect their writers, and hopefully, enough people will be skipping the non-simone issues to make that clear to them.

Clone #4 I gave clone a go for 3 issues. It's pretty good, but just doesn't size up with the other image titles that I'm reading. It's just not enough for me to keep reading it, so I'd rather spend that money on another indie elsewhere, and hopefully find something better.

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Posted by akbogert

Sorry to hear that Deathmatch didn't quite win you over (though maybe it takes more than one issue). Obviously I'd love for it to just get resounding embrace everywhere so I could just toss people at it ^_^

I bought Batgirl but only because I'm a completionist and I frankly wanted to see how the fallout from DotF would be handled (hint: it wasn't). For all the complaining people do about Babs' internal monologues, this would have been a time where the brooding made sense, and there was pretty much none of that.

Even if I weren't trying to avoid spoilers, I'm not sure I could do better than ?/5 for Batman 17. I'm really still on the fence.

Posted by Manbehindthewires

@akbogert: I think due to the March-Madness-Bracket style that

Posted by akbogert

Yeah, I will probably try this series out as well, as I haven't heard anyone say it's actually bad. The brackets are definitely a cool feature.