My comics for this week in 3 lines or less 13-Mar

Nice nerdy day today! Comics, Pinball and pre-ordering Bioshock Infinite :)

Batman #18: This was top of the pile this week. It's the first "Batman" since DotF so I was expecting it to tackle some of that. Obviously with Requiem wedged between issue 17 and 18, there was no closure of DotF to be found. There was, however, a lot of Requiem to be dealt with. This issue shown a certain character coming in and offering some advice to the bats. It was ok, and it complimented this weeks B&R this week. But B&R was without a doubt the lead-story. 3/5

Batman and Robin #18: This was such a great book. If you bought/buy Batman, pick this up. I'd say this added to Batman #18...but it actually felt the other way round. This book calls the shots on how Batman is handling his loss, and it isn't pretty. A lot of well executed heartbreak in this book. It perfectly shows what Batman (and separately, Wayne) is going through. Be sure to read the note from Robin on one of the later pages. It sets the scene for things to come. 5/5

The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2: It's nice to see a detective-comic back on the shelves. The CV community don't seem to like this one, but I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, lighthearted mystery. More hints at something Lovecraftian coming up, and some more great 1940 writing. As tongue-in-cheek as this book is, you still fear for the characters in it as they run razor's-edged alongside their enemies. 4/5

The Walking Dead #108: If you're watching the TV series at the moment, this has been a very plot-ty week. Battle plans being made for uprisings on both sides. In this book, it's handling a lot of the politics of post-apocalyptic war. Something big is coming, but this was very much a foundation-issue. One great thing in this issue was seeing "The Kingdom" and Ezekiel properly for the first time. Hoping to see more of the kingdom in the future. 4/5

Thor: God of Thunder #6: This was mostly about the rise of Gorr and the reasons behind his actions. I didn't feel an origin story was really needed in this series, and in some ways, it was kind of disappointing to find out what the possible source for Gorr's power is (although this power had a previous "owner" which could be a redeeming factor). The art, too was weaker than I've come to expect in these books. Back to the main plot next month! 3.5/5

Pick of the week: Batman and Robin #18

I'd recommend this to anyone following Requiem, Batman, fans of Damian, or gloomy folks that love an emo comic. This book was dark, and shown alot of elements of Batman's grief. It was entirely art-driven. Seriously. Not a speech bubble in sight; just action and reaction. For this issue, it was perfect; allowing for some huge, spacious panels and really getting across how alone Bruce is in all of this. I'll be writing a bigger review on this book later on. It's an issue that can't be missed.

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Posted by akbogert

I'm surprised by your score for Batman 18 (full disclosure: I rated it 4.5). I loved it a lot, and I don't think you can hold the lack of DotF satisfaction against it because frankly Morrison screwed everyone over by basically forcing them to skip to dealing with his story.


Posted by Manbehindthewires

@akbogert: Oh it didn't lose marks for that. I really liked DotF and was looking forward to 18 for that reason, but I also like the direction Morrison has taken things. I think you're right that Morrison has been a little selfish in his thunder-stealing, but maybe this event had to stop everything else in its tracks; after all, in Gotham, that's exactly what it's done, so by grinding the DC continuity to a halt in the real world, it kind of captures the gravity of what's happened inside the DCU.

I wanted to keep my review spoiler free, so didn't want to mention the inclusion of a certain character.

's user review here mirrored my feelings of the book in it's title: It's Harper Row! Also, "Requiem"

I think it was just laying the "who's next in line?" thing on a little thick... Will it cause controversy and speculation? Probably. I just think this issue could have left all that stuff for another day. That aside, it did go hand in hand with B&R really well though.

You pick up any good books this week ?

Posted by akbogert

@Manbehindthewires: I think considering the Zero Year arc that's coming up for this book, the fears of Harper dancing on Damian's grave are just misplaced. People pretty much knew (especially after Snyder confirmed he had big plans for her) that Harper was the logical contender for that slot. I thought this issue did a marvelous job of fleshing her out while establishing that the road to becoming Robin (or anything Bat-related) for her isn't going to be so simple, because Bruce is very torn up about what happens when young people try to do what he does.

Anyway, like I said, I don't care that Snyder didn't spend his book dealing with Requiem. Frankly, he shouldn't have had to, and there are plenty of other places where the straightforward mourning/brooding can (and are) focused on. I thought he did a great job of keeping this his story, while incorporating Requiem in a way which capitalized rather than downplayed (or overplayed) it. Naturally people won't agree; but as one who has wanted to see more of Harper for a while and who isn't reading Inc. or B&R, I was quite pleased with this issue.

Otherwise, I picked up UXM #3 and thought it the best so far (it's quickly becoming my favorite pull list item). I'm hesitating on Batgirl because honestly I wasn't impressed with the last issue and I get a sense that this one not only ignores DotF but also ignores Requiem as well, so unless it's great in its own right it strikes me as a bit of a throw-away.

And I managed to secure something like 200 of the free Marvel issues prior to the servers dying, so I'm picking my way through those at a snail's pace, mostly issues from ongoing series that I might actually stand a chance of jumping onboard with if I really like them for now. And I'm always enjoying Injustice :)

Posted by skooks

Man, I can't wait to read (see?) Batman & Robin #18. It's not a title that I usually pull - I'm reading it in trades to save some money - but I just had to have this issue after hearing about it. Won't be picking up my pulls until next week though, so... damn! You have made me very interested in Rocketeer by the way, will be checking it out!

Edited by Manbehindthewires

@skooks: I really like this series of Rocketeer, but from what I can gather, it's not for everyone. Hollywood Horror was the first Rocketeer I picked up, but I've been told the previous series The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom was incredible, and loved by everyone. So, if you're unsure, this might be a safer bet. It came out as a hardcover last week. I'm gonna finish HH first though I love it! The narratives in it are great and something you don't see much in Comics anymore. Superman Family Adventures is the only thing I can compare it with in style, but that's doing it a serious injustice. Hope you like it!

I only picked up B&R for DotF, and it was one of my least favorite tie-ins...this issue blew it out of the water. I picked it up after Scott Snyder was bigging it up on Twitter. Frankly, I think this week it was a better book than his! (a week ago, I wouldn't have even considered that a possibility). Guarantee you'll like it ;)

@akbogert: looking forward to the next injustice actually! Reading the floppy copies means I'm really far behind on it though...haven't checked its release dates, but I'm pretty sure the game will be out before the comics are all in print...

I'm still on my little Batgirl hiatus at the moment, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything in that series thought. From what I've read in other reviews the Gordon Jr stuff hasn't been all that spectacular. I think Simone is back on the job in the next issue though, so I'll be picking that up, to see how it's handled :)